Which South Park Character Are You?

By: Ira Kurylenko
Updated: 8 months ago
South Park is one of those adult cartoons that children do love to sneakily watch as well. Who of us didn't watch the show as a teen? We all loved and laughed at the exaggerated personalities and situations of the characters. And, obviously, we did get some of the characters better then the others.

Do you think your favorite character of the show tells much about own personality? This is your chance to find out. Take this personality quiz to find out who of them you resemble the most and compare it to your favorite character of the show. It might match or it might not.
Some people find similarities between South Park and Total Drama characters , so we created both quizzes. Try both and compare your result!

South Park Characters 

south park characters
There are four main characters in South Park, it's a group of friends that get into all kinds of sticky situations. They are as different as oils and water. 

Stan Marsh

Stan is one of the main characters and is often portrayed as the voice of reason within the group. He's known for his moral compass and sensitivity. He's usually level-headed, but he can also be easily frustrated by the absurdity of the situations he finds himself in. Stan tends to be compassionate and caring, and he often tries to do what he believes is right, even if it means going against the grain.

Kyle Broflovski

Kyle is Stan's best friend and is characterized by his strong sense of justice and morality. He's often the one to call out hypocrisy and unfairness, and he's not afraid to voice his opinions even if it means getting into arguments. Kyle can sometimes be idealistic and passionate about causes he believes in, and he's shown to be protective of his family and friends.

Eric Cartman

Cartman is one of the most iconic characters in the show and is known for his outrageous behavior and offensive remarks. He's self-centered, manipulative, and often seeks to satisfy his own desires regardless of how it affects others. Cartman can be cunning and conniving, and he often comes up with elaborate schemes. His personality can range from childishly naive to disturbingly dark, making him a complex and polarizing character.

Kenny McCormick

Kenny is characterized by his muffled speech and his tendency to die in almost every episode, only to return in the next one without explanation. Despite his frequent deaths, Kenny is shown to be caring and loyal to his friends. He's often involved in dangerous situations due to his circumstances, and his resilience in the face of constant peril is a recurring theme.

What South Park Character Am I? 

south park character quiz
So, which one of them are you? Cartman or Stan? Would you be happy to hang out with them? Enjoy their adventures sometime? Or spoil their fun? 
This is really an interesting group of friends that might exist only on the screens. It's hard to imagine such distinct personalities mixing together well. Maybe you would become the glue that holds them all together? 
Now, it's time for the quiz! I wish you good luck in finding your matching personality. 

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