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By: Ira Kurylenko
Created: 10 months ago
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Anger is a natural and normal emotion experienced by humans. It serves as an essential part of our lives. It is a basic and instinctive response to perceived threats, injustices, or frustrations.
Yet, anger does have a bit of a more negative representation in our minds. Sometimes, we do not know the healthy ways to express anger and channel it. Thus, we lash out and hurt both others and ourselves. 
In fact, there are many types of anger highlighted by psychologists, and one of them is assertive anger. This is the healthy type that does not cloud your judgment but offers an outlet for frustration, disappointment, and sadness. Assertive anger is not that hot blasting wave that makes you volatile. You can think clearly and can lead a constructive dialogue with people. This is the healthy way to experience anger and humans should strive to improve their management mechanisms. 
Expressing anger in a healthy manner is crucial for maintaining positive relationships and overall well-being. 

Anger Management Test 

anger issues
This test is targeted on assessing all different types of unhealthy anger expression. Sometimes, people don’t even expect that certain behavioral patterns are just the consequence of anger management issues. 
If you do have troubles in this department, you might want to get professional advice from medical experts. Here, we can offer a few simple mechanisms of healthy anger expressions. 
  1. Take a breather to calm down. Sometimes, it’s impossible to stay level-headed when angry. In this situation, it’s better to walk away for a while and take calming breaths. 
  2. Physical outlets. Intense physical activity is a natural way to release that pent-up tension that will result in an angry outburst sooner or later. Release those endorphins that will calm you down. Maybe take up boxing?
  3. Meditation. Yoga does have a calming and therapeutic effect on our minds. Regular meditation can settle your outbursts in the long-term. 
  4. Avoid alcohol. Negative effects of alcohol on our whole bodies are not a secret. And while each chooses their own devils, it’s better to avoid this one when feeling angry or frustrated as the substance can make anyone rather volatile and hot-headed. 
  5. Improve your sleep. It seems like no matter your problem these days, everybody will advise you to improve your sleep. And, in fact, it is crucial to our functioning overall and a myriad of specific processes in our organs, brain included! 

Anger Test

It's essential to recognize these unhealthy expressions of anger and work towards adopting healthier ways to manage and communicate our emotions effectively. Communication, empathy, and self-awareness are vital tools for handling anger constructively. Professional help may be beneficial for those who struggle with managing their anger in healthy ways.
And, for now, let’s find out whether you should bother with professional help or you deal with anger well yourself. This quiz will tell you your personal result!

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