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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 5 months ago
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 Homosexuality is romantic attraction, sexual attraction, or sexual behavior between members of the same sex or gender. In most cases, the term "gay" is used to describe male homosexuality. However, in the general conversation, gay can also be referred to female representatives of homosexuality. That is why this Am I Gay quiz is inclusive and generally designed to determine the recognized signs of homosexuality and the contributing factors statistically related to this sexuality.

Disclaimer: we are not certified sexual orientation and gender identity professionals. Thus, we do not provide a diagnosis; just point out whether the sum of your answers falls under the criteria. This test was created solely for entertainment purposes with respect to freedom of choice and sexual preference. 

So, if you really want to get a truthful answer, please, give your honest opinion on all questions. Try to think hard or answer intuitively; you just have to be genuine. 

Why Am I Gay? Myths Busted

am i gay quiz
Before you embark on the quiz and start digging into your history of sexual desire, I'd like to bust a few homosexuality myths that paint an incorrect picture around the concept, thus bringing more harm. 

Children Suffer from Homosexual Parents

 Many anti-homosexuality and anti-adoption rights activists use the myth that children don't have normal happy lives with homosexual parents. This statement is used to deny the adoption rights or largely restrict them. 
However, really, several studies conducted in 2010 -2013 show that children with gay and lesbian parents have no difference in their "bringing up" satisfactory compared to heterosexual households. Moreover, some cases even show "better overall health and family cohesion" in homosexual homes compared to heterosexual ones. 

The Bible Condemns Homosexuality

am i gay test
This one, I hear a lot. It comes from only seven verses (from the overall 31k!) that people use to support anti-homosexuality Jesus. 

However, multiple studies find the issue in ancient translations of the text. Plus, there is no direct mention of "homosexuality.' I've seen and heard quite a few priests and other religious people in support of the free choice of one's sexual preferences. And this is the only logical way in a religion that preaches Acceptance. 
This same reasoning concerns the issue of it being sinful. But what is sinful in love, especially if it's inside a marriage? 

Homosexuality Is Abnormal

 This is the one! The one stereotype that ruins all the efforts of activists. All reasoning and facts go out the window with this simple phrase. 

Heterosexual is normal, homosexual is abnormal. Yes, you do you, but this is not the norm. 
And so on. These are the phrases that hurt people the most. Scientifically speaking, "Gender differences are normal expressions of human relationships." And though this statement was released back in 1973, the stigma still exists. All sexualities are normal. And discovering your sexual references is normal as well. 

We should love ourselves and express our love freely. Sexuality is such a complex subject that it is affected by a myriad of factors, including genetics and environment (which is composed of hundreds of situations, cases, words, influences, etc.) You cannot tell a person who to love. 

But you can help them come out to the community and become reliable support. You may also like: 

Am I Gay? My Sexuality Quiz Questions

Am I gay quiz Have you ever had dreams about being intimate with same-sex people?
  • yes

  • no

  • only once and it was very confusing

Am I gay quiz Have you ever kissed a same-sex person?
  • yes, multiple times

  • only once or twice

  • no, never

Am I gay quiz Did you like it?
  • yes

  • no

  • I'm not sure even today

Am I gay quiz Would you like to try once more with another person?
  • yes

  • no

Am I gay quiz Are you in a heterosexual relationship right now?
  • yes

  • no

Am I gay quiz Do you feel comfortable discussing intimate (sexual) issues with heterosexual friends?
  • no

  • yes

  • to some degree

  • I'm not comfortable discussing it with anyone tbh

Am I gay quiz Do you have homosexual friends?
  • yes

  • no

  • not "out of the closet" but I suspect some

Am I gay quiz If you sibling comes out, do you change your opinion of them? Or your behavior?
  • of course not, it doesn't matter to me

  • no, this is my sibling, after all

  • I'll have to think about it when it happens

  • maybe just the slightest, but I still love them

  • yes. I'm sure it will somehow

Am I gay quiz Imagine that your friend complains about someone being gay, how do you react?
  • I'll interrupt them and defend the person

  • I'll just nod and be silent

  • I'll change the subject

  • I'll join the discussion

Am I gay quiz If you are given a homosexual role in a play, movie, sketch, casual family night reenactment, etc. Do you feel comfortable playing it?
  • I have fun playing it

  • that's okay

  • I'll do it if the play is great

  • I'm not comfortable doing it

  • I just won't do that

Am I gay quiz Somebody mistakes you for a homosexual. What’s your reaction?
  • no reaction

  • I'm pleased

  • it can happen bu it makes me think

  • I'm displeased

Am I gay quiz What’s your favorite book character? Imagine they turn out to be gay.
  • they are already homosexual

  • it makes them even more colorful

  • hm, interesting

  • no, don't ruin the character

Am I gay quiz If you were to time travel, what past era would you choose to live in?
  • Classical Antiquity

  • Middle Ages

  • Renaissance

  • Industrial Age

Am I gay quiz Tell us about your relationship with your parents.
  • we are not close

  • we are close but speak rarely

  • we live too far away to stay close

  • we are very close

  • we share all

  • I don't have close family

Am I gay quiz Have you ever had a sexual relationship with a person of the same sex?
  • not really a relashionship, just one or two acts

  • yes, including several contacts

  • no, never

Am I gay quiz Do you ever watch homosexual video content for adults?
  • yes, I rather like it

  • not on purpose, but if I see one, I stay

  • no, I don't like it

  • I've never seen one

Am I gay quiz As a teen did you feel different from others? But didn’t know how exactly?
  • yes!

  • no

Am I gay quiz Are you a religious person?
  • yes

  • no

Am I gay quiz Have you ever participated in a pride parade?
  • yes, multiple times

  • just once - I was curious

  • several times to support my friends

  • no, never

Am I gay quiz If your friends in a conversation criticize homosexuality, what will you do?
  • argue with them

  • just leave

  • agree

Am I gay quiz Have you ever done similar sexuality tests online before?
  • yes

  • no

Am I gay quiz Have you ever Googled the “signs of being gay,” “signs of homosexuality,” etc.?
  • yes

  • no

Am I gay quiz Have you ever gone on a date just because the person was heterosexual and that was “right?”
  • yes, I regretted it!

  • it was quite lovely

  • no, never

Am I gay quiz At what age did you start noticing the opposite sex in a “romantic” way?
  • I haven't noticed them yet in this way tbh

  • I'm not really sure how I see them yet

  • a long time ago

  • just recently

Am I gay quiz When you learn beforehand about a “gay moment” in a movie, does your opinion change about it?
  • yes, I'm awating it even more

  • not really

  • I'm not really interested if the topic is big there

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