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By: Ira Kurylenko
Created: 10 months ago
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Sometimes, kids go through really tough or scary things that make them feel sad, scared, or hurt. These things could be accidents, seeing or hearing something upsetting, or someone being mean to them.

In a perfect world, children are safe and protected by adults, as it should be. In the real world, the circumstances are often the opposite. Children do experience traumatic events more often than we would all like to believe. Often, even some minor occurrences have a great effect on a person in the future. You may think you are past it all, but the scar left on your kid’s psyche remains. That is why talking about it is important. A world where we do nothing to prevent childhood trauma is not a world with a great future.

Trauma Testing

childhood trauma
Let’s highlight some of the more widespread types of childhood trauma and their possible sources.

Physical Abuse

This one would be the obvious type, but many people do not understand the full depth of the issue. Domestic abuse is not limited to severe beatings. There are more subtle ways of physical abuse towards a child that people may disregard but are just as damaging. Some of the glaring examples include violently shaking, force-feeding, and locking children in confined spaces. They all fall under the umbrella of physical abuse of children.

Sexual Abuse

Also mostly a physical form of abuse, the sexual connotations are not always limited to touch. The psychological aspect of sexual abuse is an ever-present boulder that crushes the victim mentally. This type of childhood trauma does stay with you for the whole life, sometimes even in its hidden forms.


Forms of parental neglect often include the failure to provide a child with basic necessities like food, clothing, shelter, etc. Abandonment and emotional neglect are often disregarded, but they shouldn’t be. Medical neglect is one of the most drastic types of trauma and often demands immediate intervention.

Community Violence

Society is not a field of flowers. People are ruthless sometimes. And children are not an exception. Exposure to bullying is considered a childhood trauma, one that follows you way beyond school years. And nowadays, cyberbullying accompanies that old-fashioned offline harassment, increasing a child’s exposure to harmful conversations and actions.

What Is This Childhood Trauma Test About? 

trauma test
This quiz is meant to uncover any signs of childhood trauma. Often, people don’t consider some of their behavioral patterns a result of trauma when they actually are. This is not a therapy office that can help you deal with the trauma, but we can point you in the right direction of self-awareness.
If, after completing the quiz, you do get a positive result for childhood trauma, this may be a sign for further investigation. Consider therapy to get professional help and uncover how your early years may be affecting your life right now.
In any scenario, try to answer truthfully about your experiences to get the most accurate result possible.

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