What Is My Sexual Orientation: Uncovered

By: Denis Priesnov
Created: 11 months ago
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Sexuality is a complex issue studied by numerous professionals in a variety of fields. Sexual identity, orientation, and preference are all the things that determine us. Behavioral science has concluded that a person’s sexual orientation combines numerous influences, including genetics, hormones, and the environment. No matter how these preferences develop, it’s essential to embrace them and study yourself. Unfortunately, the social stigma and the general complexity of the issue negatively affect self-discovery for many people. It’s hard to sort all your feelings and emotions by yourself. That is why many people require help in determining this complex issue. Some get by with the support of friends and family by getting a safe space to study their preferences. Others don’t have such luxury and live with the anxiety of opening up. In this case, outside help is required. 

Determining My Sexuality

sexuality quiz
If you have issues with identifying your sexuality, you may need a bit of a helping hand. Or, you can simply forgo labels and like whoever you like. However, I know how hard that can be. After all, society has a long way to go in terms of improving acceptance and equality. 


 Professional therapy is a popular option for uncovering yourself and your sexual preferences. It’s a scary word for some due to the instant association - “is something wrong with me?” But that is not the case. Therapy is more than that. It’s used to guide people and help people. It won’t say that something is wrong with you. It’ll just help deal with and recognize emotions. It’s essential to find the right professional who you feel comfortable around. Therapy sessions should be honest and open. That is why trust and comfort matter. 

Sexual Orientation Quiz

what is my sexuality quiz
Another option is taking a sexuality quiz. Of course, this is not an alternative to therapy, just a helping hand. This quiz will take into account your behavioral pattern and general preferences. It’ll also check for the more hidden signs you may not be noticing yourself. Its purpose is to show you what signs can be counted regarding sexual orientation so that you’ll be able to notice them in the future. If you get an answer you don’t expect, take a second and imagine yourself in this role. Can it be? Okay, try to track your emotions and preferences in the future. No? Don’t take it too close. This quiz is made for entertainment purposes, after all! Sexual orientation is your personal thing. And nobody can tell you who to be. Just be yourself. Can’t find the appropriate label, throw them all away and enjoy your life. However, if you already have your suspicions and wonder whether you are gay (or lesbian, for that matter), you can jump straight to the homosexual test to check your result there! If you are left with questions, come back here! We’ll be waiting for you with words of support and encouragement. 

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