What Is My Spirit Animal Quiz?

By: Denis Priesnov
Created: 11 months ago
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 Finding your spirit animal is like finding your soulmate. Suddenly, you feel whole and understand so many things about yourself. In a way, this guiding animal shows your character and the ideal you’ve been aiming for. So, what is a spirit animal exactly? And why do we need to find it so urgently? 

Spirit Animal Quiz Origins

what is my spirit animal
Initially, the term “spirit animal” had a different meaning from what we know now. It was used to describe the animal totems people believed to bring luck and just take care and guide the individuals praying to them. So, these were like minor god-like creatures. And everyone had to choose what animal totem to pray for before a long trip or just for the general help in life. But this is the time of old. Nowadays, we don’t have totems or believe in guiding spirits. Yes, deeply religious people do still have similar paraphernalia, but I guess they have their culture’s gods to aid them. When taking the meaning of a spirit animal from the pop culture side, we get the term thrown around like a trash word. “What is my spirit animal?” you may read in an article? “Well, it’s definitely pizza; because I’m just as delicious and beloved by all!” And this is the answer you may find in such an article. Some quizzes take one prominent quality of yours and directly turn it into an animal. So what if you are a bit lazy? Can you be only a sloth? But how about all the other qualities of a person? In this quiz, we take things a bit more seriously than that! Want to know more? The following section will uncover the process. 

My Spirit Animal

spirit animal test
Your spirit animal is determined by the set of your quality and the things you value in society (and though you may not possess some yourself, you appreciate them.) Thus, we’ve created a set of 21 questions that take a comprehensive look at your behavior and determine your qualities (just like a Sorting Hat does in the Harry Potter Sorting Quiz!). Thus, if you have some time and are ready to answer truthfully, we can determine your spiritual guide shortly. For that, you only need to dig deeper into your soul and find the correct answers. 

What Animals Are Present?

 Unfortunately, we can’t physically input the whole variety of the animal kingdom in one small quiz. And we would love to! So, were are limited to the few selected animals most popular among the human values and characters. The range includes a diverse set - from frankly a bit stupid to some of the most intelligent animals; from cuties to fierce predators, from loners to animal extroverts! We have it all. So, if you like the quiz but believe that the resulted animal doesn’t align with your spiritual guides, mention it in the comments section so we can create a Spirit Animal Part 2 test with a different set of animals. Unique and charismatic. 

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