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By: Denis Priesnov
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 Hogwarts sorting procedure is well-known worldwide. Whether you are a muggle or a wizard, you know that there is a Sorting Hat that can magically get into your mind and determine your traits. Such a hat could be a great artifact in real life, right? Harry Potter and all the rest of the characters carry their House Pride throughout the whole series. And the devoted fans would like to join the movement as well. Now, did you know that you can actually take a substitute sorting test for muggles? Of course, it’s a pity that your letter has never arrived, but you can still determine your Hogwarts House online. Isn’t that cool? The initial sorting test is available on the official Wizarding website. Throughout the years, Hogwarts faculties were discovered in detail. Now, you have multiple options to learn about your magical prospects. Will you get into the most famous House, Gryffindor that is, or do you favor any other option? Overall, any Hogwarts House is a great choice for a young wizard or witch to get an education and new friends. After all, the sorting ceremony sends you to the place where you’ll feel most comfortable.
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Hogwarts Sorting Quiz

 In this Harry Potter Sorting Hat quiz, you’ll find out the House that suits you best. We will determine your character traits through a series of diverse questions. Please, answer honestly to get the correct result. Now, to the houses’ most prominent traits! 
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Aside from being cool because Harry is in it, Gryffindor is a worthy House due to its bravery! The founder, Godric Gryffindor, valued strength and courage. Today, the students of this house are all strong-willed, courageous, friendly, and just a bit mischievous. As we see from the assortment of different characters, courage can be expressed in many ways; and the House is home to well-rounded people. Yes, Gryffindors can be somewhat hotheaded at times, but it comes from good intentions. 


 In the movies, we see Slytherin as the archenemy of Gryffindor, the complete opposite of it. In fact, Slytherin is no less cool! The House of the serpent is home to good people, as well as the few jerks we all know. Yes, Slytherin values ambition but that is not a negative trait in its nature. Slytherins can be cunning but they still have their friends and loyalty to them. It’s great to be in Slytherin if you throw away the stereotypes.
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 This is the House that values intellectual prowess most. But this is not a gathering of boring know-it-alls who only read and discusses homework. No, Ravenclaw is the home to creative and sometimes eccentric people as well. Being a part of this house, you get to develop your personal interests and are encouraged to be yourself. Ravenclaws can be highly logical and intuitive at the same time! 
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 Hufflepuff is the friendliest House of all. Period. This is also a home of hardworking students who often turn out to be powerful wizards. So, don’t underestimate this inclusive House! Hufflepuff is good with all interactions, be it with people, animals, or magical creatures!
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