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By: Denis Priesnov
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How I Met Your Mother is one of the most popular sitcoms of the 21st century. It rivals the big names like Friends and Seinfeld (though they are actually the creations of the 20th century). If you’ve never watched HIMYM, you are probably too young to remember the times. Though, the modern age of fast streaming gives you a chance to watch it anytime you want! No, the trivia questions gathered here are your daily dose of cool details about the series. Some of them seem like obvious answers, but you’d be surprised how many people get them wrong. Even some major details about the main characters, like what city Ted is from? Can you remember? You’ll do great then! Leave your answer in the comments section below, so we know just how amazing you are! Now, are you ready to answer 25 trivia questions on both the minor and leading characters? If so, good luck with the quiz, and don’t waste your time anymore. However, if you are still new to the series and haven’t uncovered all the little secrets and easter eggs of the show, I guess you’ll like this next part! 

How I Met Your Mother Trivia Secrets

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Color Play

 After watching the series several times, you’ll notice how well the creators play with colors. They play a big role in the storytelling. The Mother is usually represented as yellow, and many decisions that will eventually lead Ted to her are also “yellow.” On the opposite side of the spectrum is purple. And, clearly, you can see it playing a significant role in the intense moments. Robin wears the color on several occasions, as do other Ted’s girlfriends. We see the gang also clad in this color, which always says a lot about the episode. 

Real Life Couples

 Have you noticed that the show also casts the actor’s partners? We can actually see three husbands in the series, Neil Patrick Harris’ plays Scooter, Alyson Hannigan’s - Sandy Rivers, and Cobie Smulders - Blauman. 


 This is a special episode in the hearts of many fans. And not because of fascinating main character development or a plot twist. This is a series that makes you love it more with each rewatch. In this episode, while the friends are in deep discussion (cough..fight…cough), we see the lifespan of a background couple play out. In a single scene! AT first, they get engaged, then expect a baby, and send them to college. And then…life takes its natural course. Amazing! 

4:20 Clock

 Have you noticed the wall clock in the apartment being stuck on 4:20? If you know, you know! his is a cheeky little joke to join the rank of “eating a sandwich.” I hope you like this extensive quiz on How I Met Your Mother trivia. For more TV show fun, you can also try the Hardest Friends Trivia and Stranger Things season 4 trivia. 

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