The Hardest Friends Trivia! All Seasons

By: Denis Priesnov
Created: 11 months ago
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 Top best characters in Friends 
  • Chandler
  • Rachel
  • Monica
  • Phoebe
  • Joey
  • Ross
This is a personal list of the best characters in Friends that the author still debates on. This is the beloved sitcom of the whole generation. Obviously, it’s hard to choose who we really like more when we know the characters o well. Plus, the preferences change from time to time. Have you already decided who your favorite Friends character is? Please, share your top in the comments section below! Now, to the quiz. I’m sure you’ve watched Friends at least a couple of times. And you know the plot well. But do you know the minor details perfectly? For example, if you were asked to list, I don’t know, all the girls Chandler has dated, could you do it? Let’s find out. 

Friends Trivia

friends quiz
In this quiz, you’ll face all sorts of Friends-related trivia. Some of the facts will go beyond the show’s set. However, as a true Friends fan, you should already know the most exciting details of the actors’ lives and the show’s creation. So, be ready to dig a bit deeper into the memory that you are used to. I should also warn you that there is only one correct answer to each question (primarily due to technical issues). Thus, you’ll need to choose only one option! Plus, there’ll be a few true or false questions as well. When answering the questions, take your time to remember the situation right. There may or may not be a few tricky questions. 

What Are Friend Quiz Scores?

 Your result will be shown at the end of the quiz. It’ll come in three tiers: 
  1. Poor
  2. Could Be Better
  3. Well Done
They indicate the level of your Friends knowledge. Also, you’ll be given a detailed transcript of how many questions you’ve got right and which ones are incorrect. So you can return to the quiz and try to cover those questions right. Now, I’m not the creator and can’t be privy to everything happening during those 10 years. Thus, there may have been inevitable miscalculations in the quiz. And I sincerely doubt even the creators could ace this quiz right now. So, if you have more official information about any question you see in the test, feel free to contact me and share your superior knowledge. Critics are also welcomed! 

Friends Characters

friends trivia
This Friends test will, obviously, cover a wide range of the show’s characters. And not only the main case. You’ll also see quite a few questions about the recurring secondary cast. Of course, let’s give them some love too. They are too precious and hilarious to leave behind, right? So, be ready to reminisce on the minor characters as well! If you like watching TV shows and have a bunch of your favorite series, be ready to embrace the new content coming soon! We’ll be adding lots of exciting quizzes about the most famous TV shows and movies very soon! But, for now, you can check another TV hit - a contemporary one this time - Stranger Things Season 4

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