What Winx Club Character Are You?

By: Ira Kurylenko
Created: 8 months ago
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Winx Club was the ultimate fairy princess series of our childhood! It showed a varied cast of girls with different personalities, so we all could find a relatable character. Every child could feel seen, like they also could be the hero of magic battles, epic friendship, and a world so picturesque. 
But which Winx Club character are you? Which girl seems the most relatable? Let’s find out in this quiz! Simply answer 20 questions and you’ll get paired with the fairy most like you!

Winx Club Characters 

winx characters


Bloom is the leader of the group. Yes, she is not perfect or mature yet, but, as the show goes, she matures and becomes wiser and more level-headed. In her teen years, Bloom is shown to be somewhat impulsive and stubborn. She often runs from challenges when she gets confused. However, Bloom does have a heart of gold - always ready to help and protect her friends. 


Aisha is a bit of a tomboy of the group! She is highly talented in many fields and is more likely to be pragmatic and give solid advice. Aisha can be stubborn and holds grudges, but is caring otherwise. In certain occasions, the girl is shown to be rather sensitive as a result of her isolated childhood. As she grows up, she opens up and combines her tomboyish nature with the girly traits. 


Musa has a strong personality but is the loner of the group. She tends to be closed off and hiding her emotional side. Musa has the best grades among her friends and is skilled in creative fields such as dancing, playing, and singing. 
Musa also groups up from her tomboyish habits as she becomes more open. However, her strong personality still makes her clash with many people. And she retains her judgemental side still. 


Flora is always the girly girl! But also the most mature! Flora has a deeply caring side, both for her friends and her plants! She is level-headed, soft, and diligent. That is until you harm her friends! Beware her wrath then! 
Flora does have an insecure side doubting her abilities. But her mastery in potion-making is unrivaled! 


Stella seems self-centered but she will always help her friends in need! She is cheerful and optimistic. And her fashion style is worth a red carpet! 
Though Stella is not as mature and serious as some other girls, she grows to value friendship more than any flirting, fashion, and status. And, often, hides her sorrows behind that cheerful personality. 


Tecna is always logical, practical, and focused. She loves science and technology. Tecna is the smartest of all her friends! However, this logical side comes in the way of expressing emotions. Even though Tecna cares for her friends, she has trouble expressing it in traditional ways. 
Despite being obsessed about technologies, she loves sports and active leisure! 

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