Which Walking Dead Character Are You?

By: Ana Rinkevich
Created: about 2 months ago
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Ever wondered which The Walking Dead hero matches your smarts and guts? This show packs action and drama, with characters fighting a zombie nightmare. Our quiz promises to match you with the TWD survivor echoing your spirit.

Dive in, and find your post-apocalyptic match!
what the walking dead character are you

About the Walking Dead TV Show

The Walking Dead TV Show is a popular zombie apocalypse series that follows the lives of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. The main characters, such as Rick Grimes and Michonne Hawthorne, navigate through danger and uncertainty as they fight for survival.

In a world ravaged by a zombie infestation, survivors cling to hope while grappling with the collapse of society. Former sheriff Rick Grimes leads this ragtag band through the perils of a postapocalyptic setting, where each day presents new challenges to stay alive.

They face leadership struggles and moral dilemmas that test their humanity, forcing them to make tough decisions for the sake of survival.

Survival takes more than just avoiding walkers. It requires adapting to an entirely new set of harsh realities. Characters experience loyalty and betrayal as they fight not only zombies but also other survivors competing for scarce resources.

Psychological trauma shapes their actions and bonds form within this diverse group as they attempt to carve out an existence in this daunting new world.

Main characters

The Walking Dead TV series brings a diverse cast of main characters who each add depth and emotion to the postapocalyptic world. Sheriff Rick Grimes leads the group with his strong sense of justice and duty, fighting to keep survivors safe from both zombies and human threats.

His son Carl represents the hope for a new generation, learning tough lessons about survival early on.

Characters like Daryl Dixon, with his signature crossbow, have won fans' hearts with their loyalty and badass skills. Michonne Hawthorne showcases fierce independence along with unmatched sword-fighting abilities.

Supporting those protagonists are figures such as Glenn Rhee whose resourcefulness proves invaluable and Carol Peletier's evolution from victim to empowered survivor demonstrates resilience in facing villains like Negan.

Each character offers different traits that resonate with the audience — leadership from Rick, compassion in Glenn’s actions, or Michonne’s moral fortitude. These personalities provide an engaging escape into a challenging world where every decision could mean life or death for them or their loved ones.
what walking dead character are you

The Quiz: Which Walking Dead Character Are You?

Answer 20 questions related to character traits, preferences, and choices in our fun and interactive quiz to find out which Walking Dead character you are most like.

Dive into the world of TWD with our dynamic personality quiz, designed to match you with your kindred spirit from the series. Tackle our thought-provoking questions that explore your traits and preferences, mirroring the tough choices faced by characters in this gripping TV show.

Your answers will shape a unique character profile, pinpointing which survivor's shoes you'd step into when facing hordes of walkers or navigating group tensions.

Finish the quiz and prepare to share your newfound alter ego with friends across social media and delve deeper into lively fan discussions. Each result adds a layer of personal connection to the beloved cast, especially since they've taken it too! Ready for more? 

Engage with the world of The Walking Dead on a deeper level and find out which survivor you truly are!

Which Walking Dead Character Are You? Questions

which twd character are you What is your level of empathy towards others in difficult circumstances?
  • I have a lot of empathy

  • My empathy level is moderate

  • Not sure, depends on a person

which twd character are you By what principles do you navigate difficult ethical dilemmas?
  • Gather information to find the best way to solve it

  • Support the people I like most

  • Considering my own priorities

which twd character are you What do you think about your approach to forming and maintaining relationships during hard times?
  • I'm not good at forming new relationships

  • I try to maintain what I have and hardly trust new people

  • I don't trust anybody, it takes time to form a new bond

which twd character are you Choose your preferred weapon for surviving a zombie apocalypse:
  • Katana

  • Colt Python

  • Crossbow

which walking dead character am i If you encountered a group of survivors in need, what would you offer them?
  • Protection

  • Leadership

  • Any help they need

which twd character are you How do you prioritize survival over personal desires or attachments?
  • My life is my main priority, but I risk to save close people

  • I am ready to give my life for the loved ones

  • I am overly risky if I need something

what the walking dead character are you How do you approach making difficult decisions under pressure?
  • I stay calm and focus on decision-making skills

  • I only trust my instincts

  • I try to evaluate all options and gather more information

which twd character are you What trait do you value most in a leader during challenging times?
  • Courage and compassion

  • Honesty and ability to empower a team

  • Taking risks when needed

the walking dead which character are you Which survival skill do you believe is the most important for staying alive?
  • Finding food and water

  • First aid skills

  • Building a safe shelter

which twd character are you When making decisions, do you rely on logic or intuition?
  • I rely on both

  • Mostly on logic

  • Mostly on intuition

which twd character are you In an apocalyptic world, what is your go-to strategy for finding food and resources?
  • Staying with a large group

  • Hunting alone

  • Loot the local grocery stores and abandoned houses

which twd character are you When faced with conflict, how do you respond?
  • Remaining calm and alert

  • Showing empathy

  • Being rude or agressive

which twd character are you When faced with danger, how do you typically react?
  • Try to hide and wait

  • I react immediately, trying to protect everyone

  • I think a bit to get the best result

which twd character are you How do you handle conflict within a group?
  • Identify details and communicate

  • Make thoughtless actions

  • Compromise and respect

which twd character are you How important is compassion to you?
  • It's one of my top priority

  • It's important for me, but depends on a person

  • It's not important for me mostly

which twd character are you When it comes to trust, who would be your first choice as an ally in the end times?
  • Someone kind and compassionate

  • Any strong and reliable person

  • Someone wise and logical

which twd character are you What is your decision-making process in life or death scenarios?
  • Organizing a group and assigning roles

  • Determining a safe strategy

  • Acting spontaneously

which twd character are you Do you value adaptability or steadfastness in challenging situations?
  • Adaptability of course

  • I prefer steadfastness

  • Both are good depending on the situation

which twd character are you What role does resilience play in your life?
  • It's one of my strongest skills

  • I can't say I'm very resilient

  • I can say it's important and I work on it

which twd character are you In a survival scenario, which character traits would guide your actions?
  • Mental flexibility and adaptability

  • Anger management and communication skills

  • Perseverance and tenacity

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