Which Twilight Character Are You? Supernatural or Not?

By: Ira Kurylenko
Created: 8 months ago
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Welcome to the world of Twilight, a beloved and iconic phenomenon that’s managed to capture the hearts of millions of young people back at the start of the millennium. 
This captivating series, created by author Stephenie Meyer, weaves a tale of love, danger, and supernatural thriller that has captured the hearts of millions. At its core, Twilight revolves around the passionate and forbidden romance between Bella Swan, an ordinary girl, and Edward Cullen, a vampire with a tortured past. This was a love story written in stars! And let’s not analyse that codependent relationship from the real-life psychology perspective. We all know it’s not healthy in reality. But we can still dream of an eternal vampire catching us off guard in a love whirl! 
Join us as we delve into the enchanting world of Twilight and uncover just what character of the fandom you are like to be! 

Twilight Quiz Allure

Twilight quiz
Twilight has become a guilty pleasure franchise for many people throughout the years. We simply love to hate and hate to love it. But it’s still a captivation story that still has its grasp on us more than a decade later! 
So, what does the Twilight Saga have? 

Compelling Love Story

It tells a captivating and enduring love story between Bella and Edward that resonates with many readers and viewers.

Fascinating Supernatural World

It introduces us to a unique world of vampires and werewolves, adding an exciting twist to the story.

Character Development

The characters grow and change throughout the series, making them relatable and interesting to follow.

Themes of Identity and Choices

It explores important themes like identity, choices, and the consequences of our decisions.

Escapism and Entertainment

It provides an entertaining escape into a world of romance, drama, and adventure, allowing readers and viewers to immerse themselves in a thrilling story.
I would consider the last point to be the most influential one! After all, Twilight allows us to escape our reality and dive into things supernatural, things with action, and with guilty pleasures. 

What Twilight Character Are You? 

Twilight characters
It's important to remember that the desire to be a fictional character is rooted in the enjoyment and engagement with the story. It’s absolutely normal to imagine yourself as one of the characters. And there is a whole highly popular genre of isekai - being teleported into a different world, often as somebody else. 
So, for this Twilight quiz, we can simply imagine being transported into Forks. Who would you become? What Twilight character matches your personality the best? 
We have prepared 20 quiz questions for you with diverse answers to determine the peculiarities of your personality and beliefs. Try to answer them truthfully and you’ll get a perfect match for you from the Twilight Saga. 
So, are you ready? Let’s go! 

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