Which Owl House Character Are You?

By: Ira Kurylenko
Updated: 2 months ago
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The Owl House appeals to a broad audience, especially fans of animated adventures filled with magic, humor, and heartfelt moments. It explores the themes of self-acceptance, friendship, and empowerment. Those fascinated by fantasy worlds, mythical creatures, and imaginative storytelling will find it captivating. The show masterfully features nuanced characters and narratives challenging traditional concepts of good and evil. Essentially, anyone with a penchant for fantastical escapades, witty humor, and heartfelt life lessons has surely already become a big fan of this whimsical and enchanting journey.
If you are one of those fans, you are here to enjoy a bit of extra Owl House time and discover what character you resemble the most. Are you hoping to be a witch or a demon? Maybe you are the main character? We’ll see!

The Owl House Characters

the owl house quiz
The Owl House is a magical rollercoaster that brings up such themes like self-discovery and self-acceptance. Luz, our quirky hero, dives headfirst into a world of spells and enchantments, teaching us all a lesson in embracing our uniqueness. Most of us feel like oddballs at some point in our lives but she faces it in multiple realms! 
Friendship and found family are like the secret ingredients to a magical potion: Luz, Eda, the rebellious witch, and King, the tiny demon, they bring a great variety of characters and explore some awesome adventures together. And get this – forget the usual good versus evil trope! The show spices things up by showing characters with more shades than a wizard's robe, challenging norms and making us rethink what it means to be heroic. Overall, we can easily point to the main selling side of the show - it’s celebrating our quirks and showing that being different is the real magic in this fantastical world!
And just like The Owl House celebrates the uniqueness of its characters (and its whole realm, honestly), we are honoring a variety of characters in this quiz as well. We are all different, after all. 
Whether you are a shy introvert, a manipulative narcissist, or a rebellious rule-breaker, we’ve got you covered. That and more! 

The Owl House Quiz 

the owl how characters
Fellow adventures and magicians, join us on this personality quiz that dives into your habits and moral choices to bring you closer to the world of The Owl House. Here, we embrace magic, mysteries, and the joy of following your heart! Or your head, whichever you choose! 
Answer these 20 easy questions to get your Owl House character match. The result will uncover who of the characters resembles your personality them most. You’ll be the perfect substitute for them in case a magic portal does open in your room and takes you to The Boiling Isles! You’ll learn magic and enjoy perilous adventures alongside the rest of the characters!

Which Owl House Character Are You? Questions

owl house quiz Do you think this would be a good pet?
  • nah, he'll eat me in my sleep

  • I'd risk it

  • yes, he's perfect

  • I'd take him and set him free

owl house quiz You don't know what to do in a problematic situation and your only idea is a risky plan...
  • go with the plan, what's the choice?

  • devise a new plan, I'm smart enough

  • make the plan risky for somebody else, not me

  • don't do anything; it's a standstill

owl house quiz You come face to face with a dangerous creature; what will you do?
  • run if I'm alone; fight if with friends

  • just attack, no matter what

  • I'll befriend it

  • don't move; study just dangerous it is first

owl house quiz You're offered a shortcut to achieve your goals, but it involves compromising your values. What would you do?
  • decline the offer

  • I'll consider all the pros and cons and decide after that

  • yes, I'd take the offer

  • my values are to find the easiest way possible anyway!

owl house quiz You have a chance to learn a new extremely powerful type of magic but you'll instantly lose the weak magic you know, would you go for it?
  • yeah

  • no

owl house quiz What would you do if you saw injustice against innocents?
  • intervene immediately and punish the aggressor

  • intervene and try to solve the situation peacefully

  • it's none of my business, do nothing

  • I'd even join that injustice if it were beneficial to me

owl house quiz What's you approach to solving a puzzle?
  • I'd just randomly test things until it all comes together

  • I'd study the puzzle and its aspects closely to create a strategy

  • I'll try several approaches to determine the best way

  • I'd just delegate the tsk to someone else

owl house quiz Would you agree to abandon this world to go learn magic?
  • absolutely!

  • only if there was a way to get back to my family later

  • no, my whole life is here

  • I'm not sure; I'll decide when the issue comes

owl house quiz Have you ever considered just leaving everything and escaping on an impromptu vacation? The very same day?
  • sure, and I've actually done that before

  • I did but I was not brave enough

  • I could not, I need to be planning everything beforehand

  • I'm not interested in abandoning everything

owl house quiz Which of these things would be on your bucket list?
  • buy a pet iguana

  • skydive

  • set up my own company

  • star in a movie

owl house quiz What creature of the night would you rather be?
  • bogeyman

  • vampire

  • ghost

  • lycan

owl house quiz A stranger seeks your help in a dangerous quest. What's your initial reaction?
  • an NPC? nah, not interested

  • what's the reward?

  • of course! I'm here to help

  • only if they are in grave danger and I'm certain I can help them

owl house quiz Have you ever tried playing Dungeons and Dragons?
  • yes (I liked it a lot)

  • yes (and I didn't like it)

  • no (but I'm interested and would try)

  • not interested

owl house quiz Do you believe in conspiracy theories?
  • yes

  • not really

owl house quiz Are you a romantic person at heart?
  • yes

  • not really

owl house quiz Your closest friend gets into trouble due to your actions. How do you make amends?
  • I'd admit my mistake and offer to do anything they command me too

  • I'll buy all their favourite snack and come crawling for forgiveness

  • I'll try to solve their troubles and offer solutions

  • well, I should have I known? it's not like I wanted for it happen

owl house quiz Would you rather be called cute or scary?
  • cute

  • scary

owl house quiz Which of these would cheer you up the most?
  • reading a great book

  • laughing with friends

  • getting a surprise gift

  • something tasty

owl house quiz Do you like studying and learning something new?
  • yes

  • not really

owl house quiz If you were at odds with an authority figure, would you question them?
  • absolutely, I'd question them publicly

  • no, I'd have a talk with them first to discuss it in person

  • no, I won't go against authority unless it's a matter of life and death

  • I'd just get rid of them quietly

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