TMNT: Which Ninja Turtle Are You?

By: Ira Kurylenko
Updated: 8 months ago
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an iconic franchise that has been around for decades. We all know and love those four funny turtles and their teacher Splinter. 
If you don't know the turtles, you are probably too young! But not all is lost, you can still binge the series or play a couple of games to get to know them! You'll definitely like the Turtles, their adventures, and even the villains! 
This TMNT turtle quiz will tell you which of the series characters you resemble the most! You might think that would be the one that you personally like the most. But nothing is that simple! The result might surprise you! 

Ninja Turtles Personalities

teenage mutant ninja turtles


Leo is the leader of the team. He is serious and responsible, taking lead when others stumble. Leonardo wields two katanas and is known to be the most skilled in combat. His eye mask color is blue! 
If you are like Leo, you are a grounded person who knows when to take risks and when to wait. You are a natural leader and are ready to support your friends!


Donatello wields those bo things that fascinate many kids. Now you know what they are called! Donatello is usually interested in tinkering with things, building something creative, and being a kind of an inventor. And let's not talk about the explosions. 
If you are like Donatello, you have an eager mind and hand to create something new, to improve the old, and to rebuild the regular. You like experimenting and always have your own point of view on any topic. 


Raphael is the hotheaded fighter of the group. He wields two sais. And now you know the name of these weapons as well! He's very vocal and stubborn when it comes to proving his point. He becomes more hot-headed as the series go on though.
Just like Raphael, you are sarcastic and irritable. You can be nice to people but only if they are nice to you as well. And you like to be always right. 


Michelangelo can be easily recognized by his orange eye mask and two nunchuks. He is very easy-going, up there with slang and popular culture, and, of course, loves pizza! 
If you are a jokester with a laid-back personality, you are Michelangelo. This turtle is the lovable fool and a notable foodie. I just know that you love pizza like noone else. 

TMNT Turtle Quiz 

This ninja turtle quiz takes into account your personality traits and habits and compares them with what we know about the turtles. Granted, some things are different between various mediums, but the general personality traits remain unchanged. 
If you answer honestly and remain true to your habits, you can get an accurate estimate of your ninja turtle character!!!
If you are ready for this personality quiz? What are you waiting for? Cowabunga! 

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