Which Lisa Frankenstein Character Are You?

By: Denis Priesnov
Created: about 1 month ago
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Calling all science whizzes, goths-in-training, and hopeless romantics! Obsessed with the recent horror-comedy smash, Lisa Frankenstein? Ever wonder which character from this 2024 phenomenon best reflects your own unique spark?

This quiz is your chance to unearth your inner monster (well, not literally... maybe).  We'll delve into the personalities, quirks, and maybe even fashion choices of Lisa, the reanimated Victorian Creature, and the rest of the crew.

Are you a total brainiac with a rebellious streak, channeling Lisa's passion for science and defying the status quo? Perhaps you have a flair for the dramatic and literature like Michele, or maybe you're the lovlely and friendly step-sister, like Taffy.

So, buckle up, grab your metaphorical lightning bolts, and get ready to answer some questions that will reveal your monstrous (or maybe marvelous?) movie match! There are no wrong answers here, just a chance to discover which character from Lisa Frankenstein shares your zest for life, love, and maybe a little bit of chaos.

Which Lisa Frankenstein Character Are You? Questions

Lisa Frankenstein How old are you?
  • 13-20

  • 21-45

  • 100+

Lisa Frankenstein Sarcasm or secret weapon?
  • Sarcasm

  • Secret Weapon

Lisa Frankenstein Befriend the new student or suspect them?
  • Befriend

  • Suspect

Lisa Frankenstein Face trouble head-on or hide in shadows?
  • Head-on

  • Hide

Lisa Frankenstein Science fair or costume contest?
  • Science fair

  • Costume contest

Lisa Frankenstein Monster movie marathon or cemetery trip?
  • Monster movie marathon

  • Cemetery trip

Lisa Frankenstein Safety goggles or statement earrings?
  • Safety goggles

  • Statement earrings

Lisa Frankenstein Frankenstein quote or pop hit?
  • Frankenstein quote

  • Pop hit

Lisa Frankenstein Logic or Gut instinct?
  • Logic

  • Gut instinct

Lisa Frankenstein Freak out or get excited?
  • Freak out

  • Get excited

Lisa Frankenstein Scaredy-cat or fearless friend?
  • Scaredy-cat

  • Fearless friend

Lisa Frankenstein How would you handle a situation that involves risk?
  • I'm taking action

  • Risk paralyzes me, and I'm afraid to take a step.

  • Never been in such situation

  • I'm freaking out and screaming

Lisa Frankenstein Are you an honest person?
  • Yes

  • No

Lisa Frankenstein Can you cause harm to any animal?
  • Yes, i can without a doubt

  • I can if needed

  • Probably no

Lisa Frankenstein Do you love classic music?
  • Yes, love it

  • Can't say i love it, but it's fine

  • I don't like it

Lisa Frankenstein Sing or Dance?
  • Sing

  • Dance

  • Both

Lisa Frankenstein What podcast would you choose?
  • Horror Stories WIth Lisa

  • Romantic Novel with Michael

  • Science Journal

  • Makeup Misfits

  • The Headphone Hideaway

Lisa Frankenstein You're sad because of something, what would you do?
  • Listen to some music

  • Relax with a hobby

  • Talk to a friend

  • Spend time in nature

  • Do something creative

Lisa Frankenstein Are you a hospitable person?
  • Yes, very

  • It depends

  • No, i'm not

Lisa Frankenstein What type of boyfriend you prefer?
  • Sporty

  • Romantic

  • Nerd

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