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By: Ira Kurylenko
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a long-running manga and anime series created by Hirohiko Araki. The series spans multiple generations of the Joestar family, each with a protagonist nicknamed "JoJo." It's known for its unique art style, over-the-top characters, and its blend of action, adventure, supernatural elements, and creative battles.

The overarching storyline follows the Joestar family's battles against various supernatural threats, including vampires, ancient Aztec beings, and mysterious artifacts called Stand Arrows that grant individuals powerful psychic manifestations known as Stands.

Each part of the series typically focuses on a different descendant of the Joestar family, with a distinct setting, time period, and narrative style. Throughout the series, characters with unique abilities and distinct personalities confront bizarre adversaries in epic battles, often involving strategy, wit, and the clever use of their Stands' abilities.  

One of the many alluring aspects of the series in the number of diverse and captivating characters in each season, be it the JoJo protagonists, secondary characters, or even villains. Each fan is sure to find that one personality that resonates with theirs the most! 

What JoJo Character Are You? 

which jojo character are you
It’s an easy question for some, truly. However, most people would be lost choosing among the dozens of great personalities the one that resembles them the most. 
The characters are known for their diverse and often eccentric personalities. They can range from charismatic and heroic to enigmatic and villainous. Each character tends to have their own motivations, quirks, and defining traits that make them stand out.
Many JoJos are courageous, honorable, and gentlemanly. You are nothing alike? No worries! The series does have a fair share of personalities to pick from. 
And this is where this JoJo quiz comes in handy. Spend mere 5 minutes answering questions about your habits, likes, and traits, and you get the answer! Next time, watching an episode of JoJo’s Bizarre adventures, pay special attention to that specific character. They’ll resemble you upon closer inspection! 

JoJo Stands 

As a bonus, you’ll find your JoJo stand in here! That’s right! Get to know which creative super power/ability that be yours! JoJo’s world is more imaginative in this aspect than the typical flight/super strength/mind reading type of powers! 
Here, you can get 
  • sticky fingers
  • armour suits 
  • deadly mold
  • bomb transfiguration 
  • post-death activation and so on

JoJo QUiz Fun 

which jojo character are you
Now, as a bit of an appetizer for you before the quiz, let’s play a little game! 
You just need to pick your favorite JoJo fandom catchphrase! Share it in the comments below! Let’s see which one is the most popular: 
"Yare Yare Daze"
"The fuck did you just say about my hair"
"I win.. completely!"
"Muda, Muda, Muda"
“Za warudo!”
Do you have any other noticeable catch phrases to add to the list? If we’ve missed your favorite one, share it in the comments section below! 

Stand Reveal: Which JoJo Character Are You? Questions

which jojo character are you Imagine you had to name your super ability, your Stand. Choose one of these.
  • Rule of Love

  • Diamond Avenger

  • White Shadow

  • Desperation

  • Bane

  • Acidic Chains

which jojo character are you Would you easily forgive an ally who's betrayed you?
  • yes, I'm a kind soul

  • only if they deep remorse

  • no, once they betray me, they are dead for me

  • no way; and I'll get my revenge

which jojo character are you If you were trapped in a Groundhog day-type situation, what would you do?
  • probably just repeat the same mistakes and be stuck forever

  • try to find the one most important detail to change

  • try to live the day complete differently every time

  • try to find the limits/magic/borders and destroy the loop

which jojo character are you You are trapped in your favorite fandom world. Would you want to ever return home?
  • yes, I have too much here to lose it forever

  • just for a bit if I could; to see my family

  • no way!

  • I don't think so. but I'd look a way to transport my loved ones to that world as well

which jojo character are you Is you moral compass strong? Do you have a clear good/bad distinction?
  • yes

  • nah, I don't use my moral compass

  • everything is in shades of grey for me

which jojo character are you How would you react to the loss of a loved one?
  • would grieve but also channel the loss to do better by others

  • no matter how much I grieve, I'd remain stoic

  • I won't let it ruin my daily plans and goals

  • I'll just let myself grieve deeply for a while doing nothing

which jojo character are you If you discover a hidden conspiracy, you
  • would investigate cautiously paying attention to detail

  • grab this opportunity and exploit it for personal gain

  • do everything to eliminate it and reveal the truth

  • find a sneaky way to examine it closely

which jojo character are you If you were transferred right now to a supernatural realm, what would be your reaction?
  • remain cautious of it and try to find allies

  • just explore everything excitedly

  • I'd be looking for the ways of gaining power in this new world

  • I'd be excited to uncover mysteries of the world and learn new stuff

which jojo character are you If you were given an ability of Mind Control, how often would you use it?
  • I'd prefer not to use it at all

  • only when fighting my enemies

  • on occasion, nothing too bad or too controlling

  • I'd use it often, maybe all the time

which jojo character are you Are you good at manipulation?
  • yes, extremely good

  • I have my moments but it doesn't work always

  • I try to improve

  • no, I'm rubbish at that

which jojo character are you Reality-altering abilities are hard to fight against. How would you deal with such a Stand?
  • I'd try to find a loophole in the ability, use its weakness

  • try to redirect it against itself somehow

  • I'm confident in my Stand, just overpower it

  • I'll just to get to the opponent and physically disable them

which jojo character are you Are you brave enough to take on a life-threatening fight?
  • yes

  • no

  • in theory

  • every fight is life-threatening and I'm the threat

which jojo character are you Imagine you've lost all of your memories form the previous year....
  • that's a pity but not much lost, I won't be devasted for sure

  • I'll try all possible ways to bring them back

  • let them go, it was a terrible year anyway

  • I'll just ask my friends/family and remake those memories anew

which jojo character are you In general, do you like challenging tasks or the ones that you can deal with fast and relax?
  • I prefer challenges, looking for news ways to find a solution

  • nah, I'd rather be done with something easy and relax

  • I'd prefer something in the in-between; stability

  • mostly easy with challenges from time to time

which jojo character are you Choose a season you prefer
  • winter

  • spring

  • summer

  • autumn

which jojo character are you Do have an explosive personality?
  • yes

  • no

which jojo character are you You see 4 ancient artifacts: a book, a dagger, an orb, a ring. Choose one
  • the book

  • the orb

  • the dagger

  • the ring

which jojo character are you Which of these JoJo parts you think is the best?
  • Phantom Blood

  • Battle Tendency

  • Stardust Crusaders

  • Diamond Is Unbreakable

  • Golden Wind

  • Stone Ocean

which jojo character are you If you were a JoJo character, would you be flamboyant?
  • absolutely!

  • maybe?

which jojo character are you Can you keep a secret?
  • I'm silent as the grave!

  • I'll probably share it with one person

  • generally yes, but I won't keep it if my honor demands it

  • I don't think so really

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