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By: Ira Kurylenko
Created: 3 months ago
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The world of Fire Force is an explosive creation of the great minds of Atsushi Ohkubo. This is the setting that features people randomly combusting and turning into dangerous Infernals. In this world, the fire force teams are the true guardians of the populace, even more than the fire fighters in real life. 
If you are a fan of the series, you already love these heroes and admire their heroic antics. Have you ever wondered what type of character you’d be in this world? How would your character relate to the main cast? You may have noticed that some of these characters are similar to you. Others may be your inspiration. 
In this quiz, you get an opportunity to find out exactly what character you are! It will take just 5 minutes of your time! 

Fire Force Characters

fire force quiz
The heroes of the fandom come with various personalities and values. However, all of them are undoubtedly courageous people working for their goals. You cannot be involved in the fandom without having one of two characters you aspire to be. 
The series is about more than a fire fighting team. It encompasses such issues as religion, social aspects, good/evil balance, and digging up mysteries. 
And the characters are just inspiring. From Shinra's quest to become a hero despite his troubled past to the enigmatic Joker weaving through the shadows, the series hooks you with its diverse cast of characters. 
To find out which one you are, we would ask you to answer all the questions honestly and consider which options align with your values best. 
There are 20 questions for you with 4 optional answers each. Please, choose only one that suits you the best! 

Fire Force Characters Female Personalities

fire force quiz
One of the great aspects of the story are the strong and unique female characters. Each of them shows their strengths in unique ways and pursues their purposes unrelentingly.  
Whether you relate to Iris or Tamaki or Hibana, each of them is just a fascinating character on their own. Female characters in Fire Force undergo significant character development throughout the series. They confront personal challenges, evolve their abilities, and contribute meaningfully to the team's progression. Characters like Iris and Hibana showcase intellectual strengths. Some offer comfort, guidance, and emotional support to their teammates during challenging times.

Fire Force Season 3

After the success of seasons 1 and 2 of the anime, the fans are awaiting the continuation of the series. Luckily, the creators announced in 2022 that season 3 was confirmed! 
Now, more than a year later, we know that the season is developing but the official date hasn’t been announced yet. The spring season of 2024 seems like the earliest possible options fans can hope for. If you are ready, let's continue to the quiz. 

Which Fire Force Character Are You? Anime Time! Questions

fire force characters How would you fight anime battles?
  • I would rush into battles using my explosive power

  • I would use strategy for team battles

  • I'd fall behind in a support role

  • I'd use my intelligence for precise targeting and explore enemy weaknesses

fire Religion: yes, no, your opinions?
  • well, I'm a religious person

  • I have my beliefs but not that religious

  • I'm more of an atheist

  • prefer not to say

fire force characters If you were in a story, your character development would focus on
  • developing my skills and building my future

  • uncovering my past and learning to move forward

  • opening up emotionally to people around me

  • becoming a feared villain

fire force characters Are you close to nature?
  • yep, I'm a free spirit, I feel comfortable amidst nature

  • I like nature

  • I like to study it

  • hm, I don't really care for nature

fire force characters Do you work out regularly?
  • yes, multiple times a week

  • not that regular, but at least once a week

  • nah, I work out when the mood is right

  • I don't do that at all

fire force characters If you were in there shoes, how would you react to casualties at work?
  • I'd be devastated, I'd want to say everyone

  • well, we cannot save everyone, so I need to remain calm

  • in this line of work, casualties are unavoidable; I'll mostly fine

  • I won't be affected at all

fire force characters If you were in the squad, would you take drills seriously?
  • sure, each one of them

  • nah, they are just drills

fire force characters What would you be your primary investigation technique?
  • intimidating witnesses

  • being methodical and examining everything

  • asking lots of questions

  • gathering ALL evidence and analysing it thoroughly

fire force characters Would you want the character you get to be female or male?
  • female

  • male

  • don't really care

fire force characters Infernals: good or bad?
  • evil and that's good!

  • bad

  • interesting!

fire force characters Would you like to be able to use magic?
  • yes, that's my dream

  • only if it's not a complex system, more intuitive better

  • not magic really, but I'd like a super power

  • no, it's not reliable or exciting for me

fire force characters Do you like researching, experimenting, and learning new things?
  • yes!

  • no

fire force characters If you had elemental magic, would you rather be able to control fire or water?
  • fire

  • water

fire force characters Where would you like to live?
  • a big city

  • a small cozy town

  • in a lovely cottage in the middle of nowhere

  • in a small but touristy town

fire force characters Rate your happiness at this moment from 1 to 5.
  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

  • 4

  • 5

fire force characters Hm, would you like to be a fire fighter irl?
  • sure

  • nono

fire force characters What motivates your actions in daily life?
  • a sense of justice and kindness

  • my responsibilities, order

  • curiosity and personal interests

  • making world a better place

fire force characters Ready to get your result?
  • yes, who do you have for me?

  • I already know who I'll get

  • nah, never mind, I'm out of here

fire force characters Fan service in anime: yes or no?
  • it's fine for me, I like it

  • nope, it's exploitation

  • it's okay if it's just a tiny bit

  • depends on a case by case basis

fire force characters What aspect of file are you most interested in?
  • my career

  • my personal development as a person

  • my family and romance

  • just having fun doing what I like

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