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Death Note is one of the most popular manga and anime series in the world. It has brought many people into the genre as a go-to “beginner-friendly” title. It's often recommended to people new to the whole manga/anime medium as a captivating piece suitable enough for an average viewer. That's why it's one of the most watched anime shows out there. 
And, considering you are here to take this Death Note character quiz, I'm sure you are a fan of it as well. How many times have you watched it? Just admit! Have you read the manga? How about the feature film? Yeah, not the best example, agreed. 
Death Note is full of interesting characters, most of them are highly intelligent, conniving, or have a strong sense of honor and justice. You probably already know whether you are perceptive enough to become a great L or a success Light. Do you think you are up the task? Let's check here! Shall we? 

Death Note Characters

what death note character am I
As mentioned before, Death Note is the source of many great characters who fans love, love to hate, admire, and just can't stand. As any good franchise, this one has strong pillars of great storytelling and character building to support its success. 
Interestingly, the rankings of Death Note characters do show a tendency towards certain names. Different ranking list do the ranks themselves differently, but the list of top 10-15 is usually the same, be it a Japanese magazine ranking, a online ranker website, or personal lists by people online. 
All in all, we can all see the tendency of several main and regular secondary characters being beloved by fans. 
And, of course, L and Light are the most beloved. There is absolutely no doubt in it. When it comes to Misa Amane, the views do get a bit different but most consider her a well-written character despite her tragic fate in the story. 
In addition, the shinigamis have won the fan's love even despite being relatively passive for the majority of the story (except several crucial moments where they show extraordinary deeds). 
The younger batch of Light investigators, mainly Near and Mello, do get a credit as well, but remain at the second part of the top 10s. 
Now, no matter what the rankings say, you will get a character in this quiz that suits your personality the most. You won't get Light unless you do have a slight manic tendencies and a distorted sense of justice/power cravings. Or, who knows, maybe you are? 

Death Note Character Quiz 

Now, in about 5 minutes, you will find out what Death Note character you really are. Imagine being transferred in the Death Note Japan, wou;d you become villain or a hero? Would be in possession of The Death Note ever?
You will have to check this 20 personal questions and try to answer them as genuinely as you can. Your honesty will determine how accurate the result is. So, try to open up and show your true feelings and habits! 

Which Death Note Character Are You? Questions

characters death note When you see something strange on the ground, do you pick it up?
  • no way, I don't take anything

  • not unless it's money

  • I'll push it a bit with my foot if it's strange

  • yes, I'd pick it

characters death note Would you reach your goals by all means necessary? Even sacrificing yourself?
  • yes, I'd absolutely do it

  • only as a last resort and reluctantly

  • no, this option is no good for me

  • not willingly, but I'd die happy knowing I've reach my goals

characters death note Did you ever punch anybody?
  • yes

  • no

characters death note Are you a stylish person?
  • yes, I follow the trends

  • I have my person style that I keep to

  • I do buy something trendy sometimes, but the majority is basic

  • not at all, I don't care about them

characters death note Do you feel comfortable being the center of attention?
  • yes, I thrive in this role

  • only among my close friends, then I shine

  • no, I feel uncomfortable but it's bearable

  • I avoid it at all costs

characters death note Do you tend to plan for the long-term rather than seeking immediate gratification?
  • long-term

  • immediate gratification

characters death note Are you good with impulse management?
  • it depends on the subject

  • not always, but I try to be better

  • no, I'm the worst

  • yes, I'm pretty good

characters death note When you are stressed, do you crave food or barely eat?
  • crave food

  • barely eat

characters death note Describe your childhood:
  • happy, naïve, and eventful

  • a bit bland but okay

  • could be better

  • it was terrible, don't want to even think of it

characters death note Which of these characters do you like the least?
  • Ryuk

  • Amane

  • Takada

  • Light

characters death note If you were given a choice for your leisure time, which would you rather choose:
  • play a video game

  • read a book

  • hang out with friends outside

  • watch a TV show/movie

characters death note Are you more of a twitching/subtle moving type or a calm steady type?
  • twitching

  • calm

characters death note Are you a fan of true crime shows or podcasts?
  • yes

  • no

characters death note When watching a thrilling movie, you usually cheer for
  • a villain

  • a hero

  • a cute best friend

  • an anti-hero

characters death note Do you believe that ends justify the means?
  • yes

  • nno

  • only in emergency situations

  • it needs to be judged on the case-by-case basis

characters death note Do you find it easy to detach emotionally from situations?
  • no, I'm a very emotional person

  • yep, it's easy for me

  • it's very hard, but I can in certain cases

  • I have no idea

characters death note Would you like to have more power in life than now?
  • absolutely

  • I'm already pretty powerful!!!!

  • no, I'm fine the way I am

  • yes, but just a bit, I don't want many responsibilities

characters death note How good are you at manipulating?
  • I'm a pro

  • rather good but I don't use this skill often

  • I wish I were better

  • I suck at it

characters death note Do you have a strong sense of justice?
  • yes, I always deal with injustice when I see it

  • in theory, yes, but I don't actively defend it

  • don't really care about others, only what's good for me

  • I use injustice in my favor if given an opportunity

characters death note Are you more of a thinker or a doer?
  • thinker

  • doer

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