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By: Denis Priesnov
Created: 11 months ago
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Would you like to have a superpower? But what am I even asking? Of course, you’d like to have a superpower. We all do! And I’m sure you wouldn’t refuse any kind of supernatural power if it’s not detrimental to your health directly. Bat what exactly would you wish to have? Some of the most popular superpower answers include:
  • flight
  • mindreading 
  • super strength 
  • telekinesis
  • time travel 
  • shapeshifting
  • teleortation
  • invisibility 
And these are only a few of the most popular options people name. We can count doesn’t of other unique powers featured in works of fiction. Speaking of! Every type of power has a superhero associated with it. Often, even several people. So, to know what kind of power you’d get if your bit a radioactive being or found a meteor virus, we’ll have to determine what superhero you resemble the most! Sounds fair? If you’d like to know precisely what superhero can count on you as their prodigy student, you can take this short that that assesses your individual traits and values to name a superhero role meant for you!   
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What’s This Superhero Test About?

This test is quite a straightforward personality test; it determines which superhero you’d be. You just should answer the questions honestly and choose the closest option to what you feel to get a candid result. Unfortunately, the imaginary world of superheroes is vast and almost knows no bound. Throughout the years, so many characters have been created that it’s hard to choose the best of the best. And this was the hardest part of creating the quiz - actually choosing who to include and who to leave behind. But we’ve managed to narrow it down to just several options. If you’d like another superhero quiz Part 2 with a different set of characters, just let us know! We’ll make as many parts as there are superheroes in Marvel and DC combined! This is especially tricky as some of the characters are suspiciously similar to the two publishers. 
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What Superhero Am I?

Nah, I just cannot reveal the list of the superheroes beforehand! Otherwise, you’ll find the one name that you like the most, and keep tailoring your answers to get that character! That is what we all do! Instead, you’ll have to wait just a couple of minutes to finish the quiz and find out what kind of latex costume you are expected to wear. And a cape! Tough, Edna would have a few words to say about it! Let me just reveal that we have here both female and male superheroes. However, these are just fictional characters. So, don’t focus much on their gender and enjoy the powers instead. You can be whatever superhero you’d like! I hope you find this short quiz entertaining and check some of the other personality quizzes on our website! 

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