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By: Ira Kurylenko
Created: 11 months ago
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Human emotions are complex psychological and physiological responses to various stimuli and experiences. We all experience them in our own ways though. Emotions are a very individualistic concept. 
There is a common practice to distinguish emotions based on the principle of positive and negative. However, in truth, it’s more than that. All emotions have a place and do show a range of effects on us. Those “negative” emotions are not the root of all evil. We do need them to express ourselves. Anger can be a positive thing if channeled in a healthy way. Fear can save our lives. And grief does lead us through some drastically stressful situations. On the contrary, positive emotions are usually more desired but might not be appropriate at times. 
Thus, we do need all emotions to experience life fully! Don’t shy away from the “negative” ones as well. 

What Emotion Am I Quiz

what emotion am I
In this quick test, we’ll determine what human emotion prevails in your. It’s closely connected to the type of personality you have. Have you noticed experiencing one particular emotion more often than the others? This is what we are talking about. 
What emotion are you? The one that you experience the most! 

Now, emotions can be distinguished into many categories. As the baseline, let’s offer the following categories: 
  1. Basic emotions
  2. Complex emotions
  3. Social Emotions
  4. Cognitive emotions
  5. Aesthetic emotions 
In this quiz, we are most interested in the basic emotions. They are the foundation present in every person. They are easy to distinguish and are rather expressive. Just like you can easily tell when a person is happy or surprised, determining fear or disgust is essay just by the non-verbal clues a person sends. The typical body language signs can easily tell us any of the basic emotions; which is way harder with complex or social emotions. 

Thus, we will take into account the following 6 basic emotions: 
  • happiness: feeling joyful, content, or pleased.
  • sadness: feeling sorrowful, downhearted, or mournful.
  • anger: feeling irritated, frustrated, or enraged.
  • fear: feeling afraid, anxious, or threatened.
  • disgust: feeling revulsion, repulsion, or aversion.
  • surprise: feeling amazed, startled, or taken aback.
Do you already have a slight idea which one of them you represent the most? Do you think it’ll be consistent with your result? We can only determine that after you take the quiz. Who knows what emotions are really hidden behind your behaviors. 

Human emotion test 

We rarely can be objective about ourselves. We do have a very subjective view of our personality. Neglective negative traits and highlighting virtues is a common practice for people. 
With emotions, our response is often a subconscious one. Often, we don’t even notice a certain emotion unless it’s rather strong. Thus, this human emotion quiz might open your eyes! 
Emotions are often triggered by internal or external events, such as thoughts, experiences, situations, or sensory input. These triggers can be both conscious and subconscious. Let’s see whether you are in tune with your subconsciousness judging by the results! 

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