What Dog Breed Am I?

By: Ira Kurylenko
Created: 10 months ago
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If you are someone who loves animals as much as I do, you’ve probably spent a great deal of time watching them. And you know that their behavior is hugely varied. Many traits are individual to a particular pet, but the foundation is set up by breed traits. When it comes to dogs, the general breed behaviors are rather distinct. 
All fellow dog owners, a question for you! Have you ever wondered “what breed of dog am I”? Just hypothetically, if you were a dog, would you be a gentle giant or a tiny warrior? Do you have your pet’s personality, maybe? 
That seems like an interesting question! And you can find the answer to that in this short quiz! 

Dog Breeds Personalities

Here are several examples of hugely popular dog breeds and their typical personality features. Can you be one of them perhaps?
what dog breed am I?

Great Dane

While Great Danes have impressive size and can be viewed as terrifying beasts by many, they are actually great family dogs. Dane’s personality is friendly and loyal. This is a hard-worker and protector of the family. This dog can be described as a “calm happiness.” They are still active but know when to settle down. 


A Pomeranian is one of the most popular tiny dog breeds. They captivate people with their flamboyant appearance and cuteness. However, upon closer inspection, it is a smart dog who can be trained with proper dedication. It may seem like a shallow and naive being, but it’s way deeper than people tend to believe. 


When you think of a husky, do your thoughts go to “whimsical” or “hard-working” first? Cause they are both. Historically, Siberian huskies were used as sled-dogs (and still are in some areas). Thus, this is a hard-working dog that does well with following orders. It’s a pack animal that is great with other animals and people. In fact, it’s often too friendly and too vocal which gives the whimsical trait to the modern house pets. 


A beagle might be just the perfect dog size-wise. It’s not too tiny but still small enough to comfortably live in a flat. In general, their personality is happy, energetic, eager, and friendly. They are extraverted dogs who just love having tons of playtime! Keeping up with them does take an energetic owner as well. 


Labradors are the most dog breed! And that says a lot about their personalities! Generally, this is an agreeable dog, energetic, and fun-loving. They are extremely loyal to their families and easily socialize with other animals. This is the perfect grounded pet for a family with kids. A great protector as well. 

Yorkshire Terrier

This is the epitome of a tiny beast in a sheep’s clothing. They may seem like the cutest balls of fur with their high-maintenance habits but, originally, they are meant to be fierce hunters with a feisty personality. They are courageous animals who often can take a stand against a way bigger dog when they feel like it. 

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