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By: Ira Kurylenko
Created: 10 months ago
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Colors play a significant role in the lives of people due to their impact on emotions, perceptions, and overall well-being.  There’s a strong association between certain colors and feelings they cause and represent. Granted, various cultures put slightly different connotations on some colors, but there are many universal narratives. 
When it comes to colour personality associations, psychology does support the theory with vast research. 

What Is My Color? 

color of my personality
Here are a couple of clear examples how some colors are associated with the types of personalities. Maybe one of them is yours? We’ll uncover it in the quiz in a few minutes! 


A white personality is honorable, candid, and highly logical. You don’t mean to relax and calm people around you but you always offer impartial judgment. And while this may not be a color strictly speaking, the universal associations of “white” do describe such characteristics. 
White is the color of purity and such a personality may retain the innocence of actions.


A black personality is often a gloomy personality. And while this connection lies in the mourning traditions, when it comes to personalities, it’s so much more. A black person is more about power and elegance. It doesn’t indicate the pure evil, just the traits that strive for personal gain. They are determined and strong-willed. They get what they want. 


The burst of color is the expressiveness of a personality. It’s all about passion. Passion for life, for love, for success, for all the things that interest you. A red personality strives to impress. They enjoy being the center of attention and command strong feelings. There’s no in-between with a red person - you either love or hate them. 


Beige is the color of stability. It’s meant for people who are strong, hardworking, and trustworthy. It symbolizes a person who’s organized, conservative yet warm and welcoming. A beige person is not as much of a tree-hugger as a brown but they are about love for their family. 


Green is the color of dual meaning. Depending on the culture, it can mean people balanced and close to nature or it can be a color of jealousy and trickery. Thus, a green personality would mean a character complex and deep. This is the mix of qualities that can be good for good and evil equally. And it’s up to them to choose their path. 


Blue is a color of calmness and contentment. It’s usually associated with people who are balanced, kind, and creative. If your personality color is blue, people perceive you as a great friend, a nice person, and generally someone easygoing. Blue people don’t wear their emotions on their sleeve but they run deep. Such kindness may also indicate sensitivity. 

Have you seen the color that suits your personality the most? Do you think you can predict with one you’ll get at the end of the quiz correctly? Well, the chances are 50/50! Let’s check it out! 

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