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By: Denis Priesnov
Created: 10 months ago
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 Exciting, intriguing, action-filled, and simply hot. These are the suitable adjectives for one of the most popular TV series of the 21st century. So far. Supernatural has wo the hearts of many fans throughout the years of its broadcast. Are you one of those fans? If so, jump aboard this fun trivia quiz to find out knowledgeable you are about the lives and journey of the dashing Winchester brothers. Ready to test yourself? Then I wish you all the luck a d memory supplements in order to ace this quiz. Want more pointers? I have a couple of clues for you of what awaits in this trivia galore! 
The majority of the questions will gravitate towards the earlier seasons, so we don't spoil the fun for the audience who's falling a bit behind the schedule and haven't watched the last season yet. Plus, it's harder when it's been years since you've watched them, right? Do not rush. Read the questions carefully to catch any tricky wording. It wouldn't be a difficult quiz without such tricks! 

What's This Supernatural Quiz About?

supernatural test
 This quiz is mainly targeted on the hard-core fans of the show who've watched it a couple of times already. As there are many seasons to go through, the amount of plot information is insane. And you have to watch it a couple if times at least to remember it all! Especially considering that this Supernatural quiz targets different seasons and characters. Here, you will find small trivia details about the characters and all the major plot points of the story. Are you sure you remember all of them? Then let's find out right now, shall we? Of course, the majority of questions are focused on the two main characters (well, duh), Sam and Dean. However, you have to know certain details about some recurring people in the show as well to pass this quiz. 
The test consists of 20+ questions, each with only one correct answer. So, take your time to pick the correct one! Note: there are no multiple choice question in this test!   

Ultimate Supernatural Trivia Quiz Questions

Supernatural quiz Name the main Leviathan leader.
  • Dick Roman

  • Adam Milligan

  • Lucas Barr

  • Luther Garland

Supernatural quiz Which of these do we never see Dean eating?
  • a burger

  • a pie

  • bacon

  • noodles

Supernatural quiz In what season do we see Jared Padalecki and Jason Ackles in the show?
  • 3

  • 4

  • 5

  • 6

Supernatural quiz Which of these characters in a Norse God?
  • Supernatural quiz
Supernatural quiz Which of these aliases does Sam never use?
  • Father Frehley

  • Detective McReady

  • Officer Brooks

  • Dr. Jerry Kaplan

Supernatural quiz What is the first supernatural being we see in the series?
  • poltergeist

  • ghost

  • demon

  • banshee

Supernatural quiz Who of the brothers has been to hell more times?
  • Dean

  • Sam

Supernatural quiz What was the title of the books about Winchesters published by Chuck?
  • Winchester Gospel

  • Supernatural Adventures of Dean and Sam

  • Journey So Far

  • Supernatural

Supernatural quiz How many episodes are in the last season?
  • 18

  • 20

  • 21

  • 23

Supernatural quiz Who of these characters never was a "queen"?
  • Charlie

  • Rowena

  • Lilith

  • none of them was

  • they all were

Supernatural quiz Who of the two actors was arrested irl?
  • Supernatural quiz
  • Supernatural quiz
Supernatural quiz The first angel we see is
  • Castiel

  • Zachariah

  • Raphael

  • Gabriel

Supernatural quiz How many years did John spend in Hell though?
  • 30

  • 50

  • around 100

  • 500

Supernatural quiz What year was Colt created?
  • 1779

  • 1835

  • 1890

  • 1903

Supernatural quiz Where does Dean have his Mark of Cain?
  • forearm

  • shoulder blade 

  • palm

  • pecs

Supernatural quiz What breed was the dog of Sam's girlfriend?
  • Australian Shepherd

  • Great Dane

  • Great Pyrenees

  • Labrador Retriever

Supernatural quiz What's the name of Dean's "not son"?
  • Jason

  • Carl

  • Jack

  • Ben

Supernatural quiz Dean and Sam shortly attended this school (and returned to it later)
  • Pinewood School

  • Truman High

  • Lakeside Charter School

  • Redwood High

Supernatural quiz Who becomes the next "Bobby" after he dies?
  • Grayson

  • Waylon

  • Fletcher

  • Garth

Supernatural quiz Who of these is not Ruby?
  • Supernatural quiz
  • Supernatural quiz
  • Supernatural quiz

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