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Attack on Titan Top Characters:
  • Levi Ackerman
  • Hange Zoë
  • Eren Jaeger
  • Mikasa Ackerman
  • Erwin Smith
  • Sasha Braus
This is the character chart provided by the popular web service Ranker. Do you agree with it? Which characters would you instead add or remove from the top 6? Or, better, what is your top 10 Attack on Titan characters? Leave your lists in the comments section below. 

What Is Attack on Titan Quiz About?

 Now, to the most exciting part - the quiz. This is a quiz that focuses on the popular anime Shingeki no Kyojin, widely known as Attack on Titan. As the anime series hasn’t reached the finale yet, we’ll be focusing on the events up to the upcoming Season 4 Part III. Of course, manga readers already know the ending and would gladly share the most interesting plot twists, but let’s leave spoilers for the rest of the Internet, right? This is a safe place for anime watchers! This is a trivia quiz meant to test your knowledge of the series. It covers the big plot points and the smaller details you may have missed! So, it all comes to how attentive you’ve been while watching it. And, probably, how many times you’ve watched it. Practice makes perfect, after all. So, if you are a big fan of the series, you can show all your trivia skills here! And if you’ve read the manga, I’m sure you can ace it too!
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Shingeki no Kyojin Quiz Trivia

 This test has gathered some of the most interesting trivia details about the series, the plot, and the characters. However, there are still certain things about the creation of Attack on Titan that are less known! Thus, I’d like to share a couple of interesting facts with you! 

A One-Shot

 Actually, Attack on Titan started as a one-shot short manga the author created when he was 19. It was published back in 2009 as a separate story. Today, millions of fans around the world are glad to be read as a full multi-chapter full story. 

Hanji’s Gender

 Depending on the subs and dubs studio you are watching, you may not know that Hanji Zoe has ambiguous gender in the original manga. Some studios omit this fact and use she/her pronounces for the characters based on their appearance. However, in the manga, gender is never stated. Besides, the character’s appearance is rather neutral.
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AoT Theme Park

 I bet you haven’t even heard about the Attack on Titan theme park if you live outside of Japan! It’s located inside the Universal Studio Japan and offers a breathtaking VR experience - a coaster ride with Titans! And now you know what activity to include on your next trip to Japan! Now, there are many other interesting facts about Shingeki no Kyojin worthy of research! But now, we must continue to the AoT trivia test to check how well you know it! If you are a big fan of anime, we’ll also have lots of other tests for you in the future! For now, check out this Friends trivia quiz

Ultimate Attack on Titan Quiz (Shingeki no Kyojin Trivia) Questions

Attack on Titan quiz Who was actually behind the issues with Eren’s equipment in season 1?
  • Keith Shadis

  • Mikasa Ackermann

  • Kenny Ackermann

  • Pastor Nick

Attack on Titan quiz Which two characters destroyed a Marleyan cruiser to prevent the chase following the main characters from Paradis?
  • Falco Grice and Gabi Braun

  • Reiner Braun and Pieck Finger

  • Keith Shadis and Theo Magath

  • Yelena and Onyankopon

Attack on Titan quiz How many years did Ymir spend in a Pure Titan form before eating Marcel?
  • 10

  • 25

  • 60

  • 100

Attack on Titan quiz Name a Marleyan hero who “defeated” King Fritz.
  • Tilbyr

  • Helos

  • Reiss

  • The Protector

Attack on Titan quiz How many Titans (the named ones) are alive at the end of the Attack on Titan anime season 4 part II?
  • 5

  • 6

  • 7

  • 8

Attack on Titan quiz What was the name of Zeke’s mother?
  • Rosa

  • Ymir

  • Dina

  • Cara

Attack on Titan quiz Who killed Rod Reiss’ Titan?
  • Eren

  • Erwin

  • Jean

  • Historia

Attack on Titan quiz What were the names of Levi’s childhood friends?
  • Frida and Marcus

  • Isabel and Furlan

  • Nicole and Jacon

  • Abel and Roy

Attack on Titan quiz Who died earlier: Pyxis or Shadis?
  • Pyxis

  • Shadis

Attack on Titan quiz What was the number of the Cadet Corps class of the main characters?
  • 98th

  • 100th

  • 101th

  • 104th

Attack on Titan quiz How Many Cadet Corps graduates can apply for the Military Police Regiment Position?
  • 3

  • 5

  • 6

  • 10

Attack on Titan quiz Which of these is not the name of one of the walls?
  • Sina

  • Rose

  • Shingashina

  • Maria

Attack on Titan quiz What was the fake name of Historia Reiss during her cadet years?
  • Katalyna

  • Christa

  • Nyla

  • Anka

attack on titan Which of these people was not a member of the initial Squad Levi?
  • Eld Jinn

  • Gunther Schultz

  • Oluo Bozado

  • Cato Krue

attack on titan What’s Levi’s height?
  • 155 cm

  • 160 cm

  • 166 cm

  • 170 cm

attack on titan quiz Are “Subjects of Ymir” and “Eldians” the same?
  • yes

  • no

attack on titan test Who developed the “Long-Distance Enemy Scouting Formation”?
  • Erwin

  • Hange

  • Levi

  • Shadis

attack on titan What was the name of the woman Erwin loved?
  • Fren

  • Rosaline

  • Marie

  • Tasha

attack on titan How did Eren infiltrate Liberio?
  • returned with a failed mission to Paradis

  • walked the sea as a titan

  • hidden in Zee's fur

  • pretends to be an injured Eldian soldier in the Marley/Mid East war

attack on titan According to the AoT Guidebook, which of these characters has the least WITS points?
  • Eren

  • Ymir

  • Historia

  • Jean

attack on titan quiz What was Sasha’s last words?
  • I love you

  • You Idiot

  • What's for dinner?

  • Meat

attack on titan Why does Louise admire Mikasa?
  • Mikasa helped to evacuate Louise when Titans invaded

  • she's a distant relative

  • Mikasa saved her brother when Titans first came

  • Mikasa was her trainer

attack on titan Who said this: "It Is Impossible To Be Entirely Good To Everyone. To Some, You Are A Good Person, While To Others, You Are A Bad Person."
  • Erwin

  • Armin

  • Hange

  • Jean

attack on titan quiz Who said this: "This World Is Cruel, And It’s Also Very Beautiful."
  • Eren

  • Sasha

  • Mikasa

  • Grisha

attack on titan quiz Which of these characters is named Hannes?
  • attack on titan quiz
  • attack on titan quiz
  • attack on titan quiz
  • attack on titan quiz
attack on titan True or false: The Ackermans have a compulsion to protect the king/their host?
  • true

  • false

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