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By: Ira Kurylenko
Created: 10 months ago
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The world is not divided into geniuses and idiots. The ruling majority have an average intellect. And that is just a normal human trait. 
However, everyone of us certainly knows a person or two who can be derived as “lovely idiots.” And the term is usually not used in the derogatory sense! It’s just a type of personality who remains naïve, is not intellectually-inclined, and lives their life just by going with the flow. Do you know such people as well? But what if you are one of them? 
Would you like to take a short quiz that can determine whether you are an idiot after all? And you don’t have to share the result with your friends. It’ll be our secret!! Shhh. Or are you too scared to find out the truth? 

Idiot Test

idiot test
This test is not for geniuses at all. An average person can pass it easily. You won’t find any math equations here or history questions! Neither physics, nor geography. (Although, if you are interested in checking your geography skills, you can check out our Flags of the World Quiz!). 
This test simply evaluated your habits, goals, and opinions. 
For example, here are a few habits that idiots usually don’t possess. 
Active Listening: Intelligent individuals tend to be engaged and attentive listeners, while dumb-dumbs easily get bored, distracted, and simply cannot follow the topic sometimes. No worries! Active listening is a skills that can be trained. 
Humble Confidence: They exhibit confidence in their knowledge and abilities without being overly boastful or arrogant. If you fall into one of the extremes, either being boastful without reason or knowing you are a dummy, it can indicate an idiot. As obvious as that. 
Empathy: Emotional intelligence often accompanies intellectual intelligence. You may have a PhD or other impressive degree, but emotional availability and empathy are more important for daily lives. Be a nice human. Although, certain medical conditions can factor in emotional intelligence. I’d say maturity is the key here. 
Naivety: Idiots remain naïve most of their lives. And, honestly, it can be a good trait that allows for a care-free easy-going life. If you have people around you to guide you. Cause you would need somebody to help you avoid scams and red flags!

Am I an Idiot? 

am I an Idiot?
No worries if you are! That’s not bad. This is just how your personality is expressed. In some cases, you are protected from the worries of life. You often don’t notice all the horrors that surround us. And you are definitely a lively person! Plus, we can all develop mental abilities if we really want to. You might need more time than others, but you can achieve a lot with proper dedication and consistency. 
An idiot is the one who dances through life's mysteries with an amusing blend of enthusiasm and occasional confusion. Embracing life with an open heart filled with the “aha” moments! 
Good luck with the quiz! 

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