Poet, Soldier, or King: Who Are You?

By: Ira Kurylenko
Created: 7 months ago
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Have you ever wondered? Which of these three personality types suits your character better: a soldier, a king, or a poet? 
This may seem like a random collection of fantasy fiction characters, but they do embody the collective traits we humans possess. Each of the personalities collects a tapestry of values, aspirations, and weaknesses we tend to display in one way or the other.  
Certainly, the soldier-poet-king framework can seem like a simplified metaphor. Why those three exactly? The triad actually delves deeper into the intricacies of human personality by focusing on key archetypal traits. Just take a look at the clear distinction between them:

Soldier Poet King Test

poet soldier king quiz

A King

A king embodies regal authority, wisdom, and a deep sense of responsibility. Their personality radiates with a magnetic presence, commanding respect and admiration. They possess a visionary spirit, guided by a commitment to their kingdom's welfare and prosperity. Kings are natural leaders, adept at establishing order, unity, and justice. Kings are varied. Some prioritize the collective good, making decisions that serve their subjects' best interests. Others can be rather selfish in the views and leadership aspirations. But the majority is often gracious, empathetic, and diplomatic, fostering relationships with other leaders and nations. Kings are dedicated to preserving cultural heritage and traditions, leaving a lasting legacy of stability, affluence, and cultural richness for their realm.

A Poet 

A poet's personality is an intricate combination of creativity and sensitivity. They see the world through a unique and imaginative lens, often finding beauty where the rest see mundane. Poets are emotionally attuned, deeply empathetic, and skilled at expressing intricate feelings with words. Their communication is sensual, offering insights, solace, and inspiration to others. Poets find the beauty in the written and spoken word, using metaphors and symbolism to convey the deep meanings and sweet nothings alike. They are drawn to artistic pursuits like writing, painting, or music. A deep love for DIY and other creative hobbies highlights the personality type of a poet. They are the storytellers of the human experience!

A Soldier 

A soldier's personality is defined by discipline, courage, and an unwavering sense of duty. They exhibit remarkable resilience in the face of milestones, embodying honor, sacrifice, and unwavering dedication. Soldiers are selfless, often placing the collective safety and mission above personal interests. They are proficient in teamwork, capable of following orders and providing leadership when needed. Soldiers thrive under pressure, staying composed in challenging situations. Their demeanor exudes a strong work ethic, adaptability, and a commitment to protect and serve their country. The soldier's character is marked by a profound devotion to a cause larger than themselves, ensuring the safety and security of their nation.

These questions should provide a more comprehensive view of a person's tendencies toward being a soldier, poet, or king. Ready to find out what your archetype is? It takes just 5 minutes! 

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