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By: Ira Kurylenko
Updated: 2 months ago
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What is your lightsaber color? Would you like to have one just like Luke's or Darth Vader's? Or do you prefer something more unique? Well, this is your opportunity to find out the exact color your lightsaber would have if you were a jedi (or if you had one). 
This test serves as a spiritual guide, the Hand of the Force to read your personality and match a specific color that would represent you perfectly! 

Lightsaber Color Meaning

Did you know that lightsaber shown in the movies and games don't just have random colors to make the movies brighter? Nope, the initial several colors were created to represent the wielder! And the later instalments continued the tradition. 
Some colors signify the strive for the deeper mysteries of the force, some show the will for combat, but there is one that we all undoubtedly can recognize – the Sith red one! What if your lightsaber color is red? Anything is possible.
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Major Lightsaber Colors

There are around 8 canon colors shown in movies and their spin-offs. However, the latest Jedi games have introduced several other unique colors like magenta or indigo. These are yet to be introduced anywhere else in the universe and have no consistent exploration as to their qualities in the game as well. Thus, we do not consider them canon yet. 
As of now, let's focus on the main ones 


Blue represents calmness, control, and a strong connection to the Force. Jedi with blue lightsabers tend to prioritize their duty as protectors and defenders of peace in the galaxy through combat. 


Green symbolizes growth, harmony, and a deep connection with nature. Jedi with green lightsabers are known for their intellectual and spiritual pursuits and the mastery of the Force.


Red lightsabers are typically associated with Sith, who embrace the dark side of the Force. The red color represents passion, anger, and the lust for power. 


This color can symbolize a Jedi who is not afraid to use the dark side's power for good or who has overcome inner struggles. It shows balance between Light and Dark. 


Yellow symbolizes curiosity, determination, and a strong sense of justice. The wielders, Jedi Sentinels often take on missions that require a combination of combat skills and investigative abilities.
Among the notable mentions are white (wielded by Ahsoka as a redeem red one), black (the legendary Darksaber), and orange (one of the newest additions – carried by Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati. 
All of the canon lightsaber colors are included in this quiz. You can get the cool-looking red lightsaber as well if you display certain dark-ish tendencies and would like to dive deeper into the Force. 
So, what's it going to be? Get ready for your personal lightsaber!

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