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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 3 months ago
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 In the world where over 80 percent of population is born with a superpower, it's only natural to arrive for one yourself. And that is exactly what we see young Deku wishing for at the start of the series. The universe of My Hero Academia has given his amazing gift to the young boy. Now, imagine you were born in that world (or the truck-kun isekaied you to that world!), you'd expect to get a superpower yourself, right? And that is exactly what we'll be doing in this this quiz today. So, let's find out the perfect Quirk for you. What abilities would you possess? What suits better your character and values more. We have quite a unique list of superpowers, also known as Meta Abilities, to offer. You'll see. You won't fund here the most typical and overused powers as Flight or Duper Strength. We need something more exciting, maybe not ideal but interesting for sure! 
mha quirk generator

Quirk Generator Rules

 So, the rules to find out "what is my Quirk" are simple: We ask you all sorts of questions and you answer them honestly. Mind that the questions are mostly behavior- and values-based instead of being focused on the series. If none of the options matches your thoughts or the answer in your head perfectly, just choose the closest one to your desires. The one that you feel most comfortable with. Also, try to imagine actually living in that world. Of course, your priorities there might be and will be different from the ones you have here in your mundane life. In that world, there are supervillains are the dangers of the world are on a completely different scale. So, try to transfer you values to the manga/anime setting and see what your answer might be. 

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