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Are you tired of looking at your closet full of clothes and feeling like you have nothing to wear? Do you ever wish you could confidently rock a fashion style that truly reflects your personality? Well, I've been there too! But fear not, because I've found the perfect solution for all your style woes. 

Introducing the 7 Kitchener Essence Style Test - a fun and easy way to discover your unique fashion essence. Get ready to unlock your true style potential and never struggle with outfit choices again!
kitchener style essence quiz

The Kitchener Essence Style Quiz

Mastering your unique style essence allows you to shine and stand out in a crowd. This is not just about following the latest fashion trends, but also about expressing your personality through your clothes.

The key is knowing which style essence fits you perfectly. It goes beyond just dressing; it's identifying with clothing lines that match with your Kibbe Body Type for optimal appeal.

Unveiling our style personalities can be an enlightening journey. Thanks to the Kitchener Essence Style Quiz, this self-discovery process is simplified. This quiz digs deep into your fashion inclinations and brings out your unique style essence.

A myriad of factors such as body type, color preferences, and personality traits contribute to your signature essence analyzed through this tool. Of course, it's not just about identifying the 7 distinct style essences - you'll also learn how to dress according to yours.

So go ahead, take the plunge into a world of personalized fashion aesthetics!

The 7 Style Essences

Discover the 7 unique style essences that can help you define your fashion identity and unleash your personal style. Curious to know more? Here are the 7 Kitchener Essences:


Dramatic Essence gravitates towards edgy designs with exaggerated lines and asymmetry. Animal prints are its friendly allies in creating a stand-out look. This eccentric expression of individuality resonates with pushing boundaries in style preferences.


Gamine fashion isn't afraid to be different. It's synonymous with nonconformist attitudes, pushing boundaries, and celebrating the freedom to express themselves unlike any other style essence out there.

Adding a distinctive edge to every ensemble they put on, Gamines truly embody playfulness while also commanding attention with their quirky yet edgy looks. 


The Natural style represents a laid-back and unpretentious approach to fashion, embracing an effortless and relaxed aesthetic. Those who identify with the Natural essence value comfort and authenticity in their clothing choices.


It is characterized by a timeless and elegant style that never goes out of fashion. This style is always sophisticated and exudes an air of elegance. In terms of fashion, dressing for your Classic Essence means choosing timeless pieces in neutral colors like black, white, navy, or beige.


The Romantic style essence has maximum femininity. It loves curves and can enhance your natural beauty. It is all about delicate and sensual yin – pastel colors, soft flowing materials, and graceful, tender lines. 


The Ingenue style essence is all about that youthful and delicate appearance. It’s like a mix of soft Romantic with a bit of playful and fresh Gamine. If you have wide-apart eyes and a fresh-faced look, then you might just be an Ingenue. So go ahead and let your sweet and innocent side shine through in your fashion choices!


The Angelic style essence is the seventh essence in Kitchener's 7 Style Essences. It is also known as the Ethereal essence. People with this style have a graceful and delicate appearance, giving off an air of serenity and femininity.
kitchener style essence quiz

How Does the Quiz Work?

The Kitchener Essence Style Quiz is a 20-question test that examines your personality traits, habits, and personal style. It's designed to help you discover which of the seven style essences best suits you.

It analyzes your personality traits, habits, and fashion preferences to help you discover your unique style essence. By assessing factors such as body type, color preferences, and individual proportions, the quiz determines which of the 7 style essences suits you best.

So go ahead, take the quiz, and unlock your true fashion potential!

Unlock Your Inner Fashion Icon with the Kitchener Essence Quiz Questions

kitchener essence quiz What type of face do you have?
  • Square face, bold lines

  • Round face, soft lines

  • Oval face, bold lines

  • Square face, soft lines

  • Round face, bold lines

  • Oval face, soft lines

style essences quiz Describe your hair:
  • Short cut, bright colors

  • Short cut, soft colors

  • Short and black

  • Medium hair, natural colors

  • Medium and black/blonde

  • Long wavy hair

style essence quiz Do you like to experiment with style?
  • No, not really

  • Yes, I love it!

  • Maybe sometimes...

kitchener style essences quiz What color is your favorite?
  • Sweet pastel shades

  • Black and white

  • Earth tones

  • Vibrant colors

  • Red

  • Grey tones

style essence quiz What kind of daily makeup do you prefer?
  • Something crazy and artistic

  • Classic colors and lines

  • I don't wear makeup every day

  • Black and heavy

  • Nude

  • Soft colors, soft lines

  • Light with some color accent

style essence quiz What kind of jewelry do you prefer in everyday life?
  • Tiny classic things

  • Small and sweet

  • Bright and eye-catching

  • Sharp lines, geometry

  • Pretty and feminine

  • Functional and practical

style essence quiz What type of body shape do you have?
  • Curvy, soft lines

  • Average

  • I'm thin and high

  • I'm thin and short

style essence quiz How would you dress for your friends' party?
  • I pick something sexy and revealing

  • Something casual and relaxed

  • Bright and edgy

  • Something elegant but casual

  • Light pretty dress with flower prints

  • Something white or pastel, soft and feminine

7 style essences quiz What is your strongest character trait?
  • Confidence

  • Balance

  • Kindness

  • Patient

  • Curiosity

  • Open-mindness

  • Honesty

kitchener essences quiz What colors do you prefer in clothes?
  • Bold colors

  • Animal prints

  • Flower prints

  • Brown and green

  • Grey and beige

  • White

style essence quiz What item can you not pass by while shopping?
  • Casual jeans

  • Leather skirt

  • Some wild-printed coat

  • Old-fashioned dress

  • Any flirty dress in pastel colors

  • Short puffy dress

  • Shiny/metallic dress

7 style essence quiz Choose the adjectives that describe you best:
  • Calm, gentle and soft

  • Confident, dynamic and flamboyant

  • Bold, extroverted and bohemian

  • Easy-going, natural and down-to-earth

  • Sophisticated, cultured and simple

  • Passionate, adventurous and creative

style essence quiz What does your home look like?
  • Traditional and minimalistic

  • Lots of floral prints and decor

  • Lots of natural decor

  • Sweet and comfortable

  • Modern and futuristic

  • Fun and messy

  • Fun but clean

kitchener essence What is your favorite animal?
  • Tiger

  • Butterfly

  • Horse

  • Monkey

  • Dog

  • Rabbit

  • Cat

7 style essence quiz Select your romantic getaway destination:
  • Santorini

  • California

  • Rome

  • Paris

  • Kyoto

  • Maldives

style essence quiz What accessories dominate your wardrobe?
  • Leather and metallic

  • Wooden and natural

  • Small and traditional

  • Rare or antique

  • Pretty and feminine

  • Elegant and simple

  • Shiny and bright

style essence quiz What scents do you like best?
  • Oriental

  • Woody/mossy

  • Flowers

  • Water

  • Fresh

  • Spicy/burned

  • Fruity

style essence quiz How do you prefer to spend your free time?
  • Friends and parties

  • Adventures and action

  • Reading or music

  • Learning something new

  • Crafts

  • Travels

  • Arts

style essence quiz What is your weak character trait?
  • Naivety

  • Being too childish

  • Being a bit dramatic

  • Perfectionism

  • Oversensitivity

  • Insecurity

style essence quiz What role do you play in the relationship?
  • I'm a loving partner

  • I'm the sexy one

  • Reliable pertner

  • Caring partner

  • Drama queen

  • The one always full of energy

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