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By: Ira Kurylenko
Created: 10 months ago
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Innocence is a lost world to many in this day and age. Staying innocent in the 21st century can be challenging due to various societal, technological, and cultural factors. Society has changed quite a bit in the last several centuries, and people do have to adapt. Nowadays, if you manage to stay innocent with all the information and temptations around, you can be considered a strong-willed person. Or, maybe, you are just extremely sheltered. Who knows?
The Innocence Test is meant to uncover what part of you remains a pure soul and just how naughty you actually are. Are you ready to admit the truth? Let’s check whether you are innocent at all!

Am I Innocent?

Am I innocent?
A pure soul is often considered one that adheres to a strong moral code and acts in ways that are honest, kind, and selfless. It avoids harmful actions and seeks to do good for others. Sometimes, it’s not about our not-so-innocent thoughts but how we act upon them. We are no angels; we do get malicious intent once in a while. The issue lies in self-restraint and adhering to moral norms.
With that said, there is no shame in losing your innocence. We are not children anymore. We grow up, we learn new stuff, we try to lead our best lives in a society that’s rarely forgiving. Of course, some of our innocence is lost over time.
In its essence, innocence embodies the childish spirit, unmarred by the scars of social struggles. What was that saying? “It's a Wolf-Eat-Wolf World.”

How to Stay Innocent?

innocence quiz
The allure of novelty is a mighty temptation that leads people astray. You can hardly live a sheltered life nowadays. Modern technologies do make our world smaller. The availability of information, restricted only by your imagination (and not Google search), does play a role in the perversion of our minds. When it’s so easy to stray from innocent topics and behavior online, what’s stopping you offline? Not much.
Here are a couple of rules that will help you stay innocent if you would like to treasure it:

  • Choose Your Influences
  • Protect Your Inner Child
  • Cultivate Empathy and Compassion
  • Limit Exposure to Negative Content
  • Set Boundaries
  • Practice Mindfulness

If you can adhere to these rules, you do stand a chance against negative influences. But that is just a suggestion. Not everybody has to be innocent! Do as you like, just consider the consequences.
Now, I’d like to point out one crucial factor that might completely alter the quiz for the audience.
It's essential to note that the perception of innocence can be subjective and may vary depending on the situation and the values of different societies. Thus, this innocence test is mainly tailored for the Western society with its values and views on innocence. Other cultures do have a different understanding of the notion - some things viewed as “normal” in this society are far from “innocence” in some other societies.

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