Your Video Game IQ Revealed!

By: Ira Kurylenko
Created: 8 months ago
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Being a hardcore gamer is about passion, determination, and a profound appreciation for the art of gaming. It's a lifestyle choice that offers endless adventure but also takes an enormous effect on your life. If you do spend most of your free time playing video games, listening about video games, and reading about them, you are a hardcore gamer! 
Tell me, do you have gaming calluses on your hands and wrists? If so, you are fully prepared for this quiz! 

Gaming IQ

Your gaming IQ is two-fold. Firstly, it’s about your  knowledge of video games trivia facts and various bits about the most popular (and not) games! Secondly, it’s your ability to adapt to new gaming mechanics and the persistence to keep fighting those excruciating bosses! 
Considering we cannot test your resilience and practical expertise, we are left with your theoretical knowledge! This gaming quiz will test how well you know your trivia! Be prepared for 20 question of rising difficulty. They go from the most mainstream and popular titles to the ones hardcore gamers enjoy the most! Get cozy and do not forget those masterful indie titles! 

Hardcore Gaming Life

IQ gaming

Patience of a Saint

A hardcore gamer knows that waiting for game updates, patches, and long load screens is just part of the package. We've mastered the art of zen-like patience while secretly muttering, "Come on, load already!"

Adaptive Reflexes

We have reflexes so quick that we've caught falling objects before they even knew they were falling. Whether it's dodging enemy attacks or catching that last-minute save, our reflexes are sharper than a ninja's throwing star.

The Memory of an Elephant

Hardcore gamers can recall intricate game lore, character backstories, and item stats better than their own family birthdays. Need to know the crafting recipe for a mythical sword? Just ask us; it's right here in our mental encyclopedia.

Multi-Tasking Maestro

We've mastered the art of multitasking, often gaming while waiting for the microwave to beep or during loading screens in other games. Who says you can't level up while dinner's cooking?

Strategic Genius

Hardcore gamers are strategic thinkers extraordinaire. We've plotted more game-winning strategies than grandmasters in chess. From stealthy approaches to all-out frontal assaults, we've got a plan for every situation.

Are You a True Gamer? 

Being a hardcore gamer is about enjoying the world of gaming to the fullest. So, level up, fellow gamers, and embrace your unique skills and quirks!
Video games are popular because they offer a unique blend of entertainment, challenge, and immersion. They provide an interactive escape from everyday life, allowing players to explore fantastical worlds, assume different roles, and embark on epic adventures. Games cater to diverse tastes, from action-packed shooters to emotionally engaging narratives, making them accessible to a wide audience. Multiplayer options enable social interaction and competition. They are a part of the usual “friendly hangout” and can be enjoyed by a variety of people. 
Video gaming demographic is now wider than ever! You, being a part of the gaming world, means you can have access to the wide international community that can easily become your good friends! 

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