Am I Lovely?

By: Ira Kurylenko
Created: 8 months ago
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Lovable people are not rare in the modern world. They envelope us with their kindness and make this world notably better. 
Lovable people radiate warmth and kindness through their actions. Their personalities inspire affection and respect from everybody around them even the grumpiest of people. Their empathy and active listening create genuine connections. Their positivity uplifts spirits and their compliments brighten the day. 
But that’s enough about THEM. The question is Are You a Lovely Person? Do you possess some of those features? Are you a good person? Do you believe you are deserving of love yourself? 

Am I Loveable? 

am I lovely
And we are here today to determine just that! Are you lovable or not? Do you think you know the answer to the question? Let’s check your intuition in this short quiz. 
Which of your qualities inspire admiration and affection? Do you have any negative ones that push people away? it can be hard to notice nuanced details about yourself. A third-party view that is absolutely impartial can be a great guideline. 
Here are some of the qualities that tend to make a person lovable: 
  • Empathy: A lovable person is genuinely empathetic and able to understand and share the feelings of others.
  • Kindness: They consistently show kindness and consideration to others, whether it's through their words or actions.
  • Non-Judgmental Attitude: They accept people for who they are without judgment, and they create an environment where others feel safe being themselves.
  • Positive Outlook: Lovable people often have a positive attitude and tend to see the good in situations and people.
  • Humility: They don't boast about their accomplishments or put themselves above others. Instead, they remain humble and approachable.
  • Authenticity: Lovable individuals are genuine and show their true selves, allowing others to connect on a deeper level.
And these are a few examples of how to be a lovely and lovable person. Do you recognize yourself in some of them? And how about honesty, loyalty, adaptability, sensitivity, reliability, generosity, and so on? Do you possess those? And the list can go on and on. 
At the end of the day, everyone perceives “a lovely person” based on their individual preferences! As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

Am I Lovely? 

lovely you
Let me tell one important thing to remember:
You are worthy of love! 
You are deserving and let anybody else tell you otherwise. This is your default setting, so to say.Now, your behavior may affect others feelings towards you either negatively or positively. You can and do affect how people perceive you. A part of it is subconscious. A part is very conscious and can be regulated. Many of those qualities mentioned can be taught and developed. You can learn to be more honest, can learn to be polite and reign in your rudeness. Practice makes perfect.
Now, let’s find out whether you behave like a lovable person at the moment or not. Please, just answer the questions truthfully!

Am I Lovely? Questions

am i unlovable quiz Do you enjoy spending time alone?
  • yes, I enjoy my company

  • eh, it's fine I guess

  • no, I hate being alone, I need people around

  • I'm not a great company but others are terrible

am i unlovable quiz When you have an argument with your partner, you ...
  • I leave to cool off separately

  • I'm gonna be mad for days

  • I try to talk it through calmly

  • I usually pour all my anger out

am i unlovable quiz Do you actively try to make people around you feel better?
  • yes

  • I don't try, it just happens

  • no, I'm not that positive

  • why would i? I don't like people around me that much

am i unlovable quiz How do you handle rejection?
  • I handle it well

  • I feel terrible, for sure, but remain calm

  • not well, I'm usually devastated

  • I avoid it at all costs

am i unlovable quiz Do you often indulge in negative self-talk patterns?
  • yes, it's common for me

  • I do but I try to stop it and be kinder to myself

  • it's rare but it happens

  • not really

am i unlovable quiz Do you feel the constant need to be in a relationship?
  • yes, I feel depressed outside of relationships

  • not really, but I don't being alone for a looong time

  • I'm fine any way

  • I don't even know, tbh, I'm almost always in a relationship

am i unlovable quiz What about criticism?
  • I welcome constructive criticism

  • I can handle small amounts and not too often

  • I'd rather not but I've learn to bear it in silence

  • nope, leave me alone

am i unlovable quiz Do you actively work on improving your self-esteem?
  • I have my bad days but mostly try to highlight good in myself

  • my self-esteem is okay as it is

  • it's not great but I'm doing nothing to improve it

  • I try sometimes, but it's not working

am i unlovable quiz How many people know your authentic self?
  • none, I don't really show it to people

  • a couple of very close friends

  • my friends and family

  • many, I'm an open person

am i unlovable quiz What quality of yours is deserving of love?
  • kindness

  • ambitiousness

  • intelligence

  • openness

  • loyalty

  • great humor

am i unlovable quiz Think hard: Do you still hold yourself accountable for some old mistake?
  • yes, I blame myself for so many mistakes

  • I know I've made them but I'm past that

  • yeah, I could've done things better

  • no mistakes here!

am i unlovable quiz Are you more of an independent or codependent person?
  • independent

  • codependent

am i unlovable quiz How often do you have "me time"?
  • all my time is "me time"

  • quite often, to support my mental health

  • not as often as I'd like to

  • very rarely

am i unlovable quiz What's your reaction on compliments?
  • I'm rather shy, will blush

  • say "thank you" and genuinely enjoy it

  • joke that it's a lie

  • pay a compliment as well

am i unlovable quiz You may be a kind person to others, but are you kind to yourself?
  • yes, am I kind to everybody, me included

  • not really, I'm harsh on myself

  • I'd say I'm not kind at all (to others as well)

  • I am kind to myself, not others. period.

am i unlovable quiz If your partner makes you feel bad about yourself, you....
  • stand up for myself

  • I'd probably agree with them

  • I'm leaving

  • I'd be confused, maybe persuaded

am i unlovable quiz How honest are you?
  • brutally honest

  • I'm almost never fully honest

  • 50/50, there's need for lies sometimes

  • almost always, but I try to be considerate

am i unlovable quiz How easy is it for you to say "I love you"?
  • oh! "I hate nothing about you" is a great alternative!

  • it's easy if I'm truly in love

  • super easy, I can say it even when I'm not in love

  • it's a bit hard for me

am i unlovable quiz Do you tend to blame other for your mistakes?
  • not my mistakes, their mistakes

  • no

  • yeah, I do tbh

  • I do but I try to stop this reflex

am i unlovable quiz Now, be honest. Do YOU think you are lovely?
  • yes

  • no

  • I have no idea

  • aren't you supposed to tell me?

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