Kohi Click Test

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What is the Kohi click test?

Our website is built around the renowned Kohi click test, originally popularized on the well-known Minecraft game server, "Kohi." The term "Kohi click" was coined by Minecraft enthusiasts as an effective method to click swiftly and enhance performance, a technique perfected by top players. In versions 1.7 and 1.8 of Minecraft, a player's proficiency is often assessed based on their click speed, especially in games like Minecraft's "PvP" mode, where a rapid click speed is essential for effectively competing against opponents. In PvP battles, having a high click speed is crucial to striking your opponent before they have a chance to strike you. It's all about making the first move!

The term "Kohi click test" is the root of CPS (clicks per second) assessments. Utilizing these Kohi CPS tests allows you to hone your mouse-clicking skills and practice increasing your speed. Test your click speed within the given timeframe on our site to gauge your abilities and obtain your CPS result.

Challenge yourself to a clicking speed test.

To initiate the CPS test on Kohi, click within the designated "start" area. As soon as you make your first mouse click, the timer will begin. You'll have a few seconds (you can choose the interval time for your test) to click as rapidly as you can within the area, aiming for your highest score. Once the time is up, you'll receive your results in CPS (clicks per second). This CPS score calculates the ratio of clicks to the duration of the Kohi click test (number of clicks / number of seconds). Therefore, the faster you click, the higher your score will be in return.

A helpful tip for selecting the time interval for your Kohi click test: keep in mind that shorter intervals make it easier to achieve good CPS results.

How do I get better at clicking?

We can offer you some tips to consistently increase your clicking speed and work towards improving your Clicks Per Second (CPS) performance. To start, having a stable internet connection and finding a comfortable position are crucial. There are various techniques that can help refine your mouse clicking. One of the most crucial aspects is keeping your arm steady and ensuring your mouse remains still to avoid wasting precious seconds. During the test, grasp the mouse with your thumb and click with one or two fingers, applying just enough pressure to prevent it from moving. Some players share their strategies for even faster clicking online and on social media. While methods may vary from player to player, they can offer valuable insights to help you improve.

Consider opting for a mouse that caters to your specific needs rather than a standard one. Specialized mice, with their enhanced flexibility and sensitivity, can significantly boost click speed. Choosing a mouse over a laptop touchpad or a mobile device screen is generally more conducive to achieving high click rates.

Set the odds in your favor and don't leave anything to chance. Consistent practice will lead to an increase in your CPS and an overall enhancement in performance over time. You may notice improvements within the first few weeks! Waste no time and challenge the top players on Kohi. Invite your friends and compete against the most skilled CPS professionals in the Kohi test.

How to Ace the Kohi CPS Test: Tips and Tricks

Our Kohi test site is the perfect place to train your clicking skills. It's free, so you can practice as much as you want. You can even repeat the test as many times as you like to track your progress.

Here are some features of our site:

  • Different time intervals: You can choose the duration of the test, from 1 to 100 seconds. The shorter the test, the better your score will be, but it will also be more difficult.
  • Available on desktop and mobile devices: So you can practice anywhere, anytime.
So what are you waiting for? Start practicing today!